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As we both noticed, he had a huge penis protruding from the thickets of hair in the crotch.
It was no less than 20 cm long and was terribly thick, like a beer can.
On top of that, he had huge eggs, and if he didn’t have such a huge tool, as Sonya said, he would look repulsive.

But instead, she found him very muscular, with a very attractive figure of the sexual dominator.
Kate grabbed this member and began to make oral love with him.
She licked, kissed and sucked him and did the same with his big hairy balls.
Sonya said in horror that he had the biggest cock and balls she had ever seen, except for porn.
Katya could not put him entirely in her mouth, but she obviously tried, I doubt that any woman could take this monster deep down the throat.
After some time spent in oral worship of his penis, Kate got on all fours, and her husband joined up behind her and, as they say, “pushed her to the fullest.”
Fucking her, he stretched out his arms, gripping her massive breasts, roughly squeezing and twisting her nipples.
He was so rude with her breasts that we knew it was supposed to hurt her, but it also obviously brought her pleasure.
She looked in our direction, and he, holding her hands, fucked with complete frenzy, and soon both had what is called a stunning mutual orgasm.
After they had rested a few minutes after embracing, she got up and turned off the light.
the show is over.
Leaving the next morning, we decided that we should try to contact them, especially for the possibility of future pleasure.
They were not an attractive couple, but when they saw them during the act, we realized that their sexuality was more than just a set of physical traits, moreover, passing quickly.
Unfortunately, when we got up, they had already left.

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During the long trip home we chatted about what happened this week.
Sonia noted that she is very satisfied with this week, but a great disappointment brought us that we can never realize what could happen between us and our neighbors.
We both appreciated that Katya also allowed strangers to watch her fuck.
From what we saw, we were able to conclude that her husband was unaware of the show he had participated in.
However, I told Sonia that despite the way she looked sexually and with her sexual appetite, she would have no problems seducing him.
She added that she wanted this bear to take her young body with force and humiliate her as she pleases.
There is no doubt that she wanted to see him in order to be raped by him.
Some time after we got to the house and returned to the usual routine, Sonya and I decided to still try to find Katya and her husband.
Before we left, we noticed that their house was removed through a real estate agency.
Sonya called the agency and told them that we had made friends with the neighbors, but lost their phone number.
She asked the agency to write or call them and give them our contact information and said that

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we would wait.
She told us that the agency contacted her several months ago, but although she was intrigued, she could not decide to tell her husband about this, Oleg.
She never told him about that last day and night on the coast, although she thought that the thought that someone would be watching them should have started him.
When he reacted positively, she told him about an incident on the coast with open curtains and that we were trying to contact them.
She described Sonya and me and told him about the show that we had for her and the guys.
He became very interested and asked if it was possible for us to send him a picture of Sonya.
The era of digital photography has just begun, but we have already taken a few sexy pictures of Sony.
I still remember the facial expression of the guys from the photo lab when we took the pictures.
In the picture we sent, Sonia was in a translucent small bra and panties, showing most of what nature has awarded her (and me).
The next day we received an enthusiastic answer, written by Katya and Oleg together.
They noted that, having received a photo of Sonya, they immediately violently made love.
Oleg also said that, in addition to being fascinated by Sonya, for the first time he wanted to see how Katya would make love with another man.
As it turned out, they lived in Vladimir, while we lived in Mytishchi at that time, three hours’ drive from them. Indian live sex chat.

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