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Mom gently but persistently rubbed the grease released from the hole in the head, in the barrel member.
“Why don’t you suck it on and tell us what it tastes like?” Melissa said, rubbing her clit and massaging one of her huge boobs.
“He’s delicious, mommy.

Especially when such a white thing flows from it! “, Said Yakint.
The girl had already completely forgotten about the fear she had just experienced when they were taken by surprise, and now she watched eagerly as her mother played with her brother’s pipitsy.
“Mmm, maybe we need to make sure that such a white thing comes out, dear?” Robin asked, taking her son’s dick in her mouth.
Huge head ottyagivala her cheeks every time a member plunged inside.
Robin got more and more, feeling his son’s cock and cum and saliva of his daughter.
“Yes, mommy.
Do more of this white thing.
I really liked her! “Exclaimed Yakint.
Robin sucked as well as

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she could.
It was her first blowjob for a long time that she lived without a husband.
Tilting her head, she let the whole dick enter her mouth and throat.
With her nose she rested against her sparse pubic hair.
“Aah, fuck, suck me, mom!” Jason groaned.
His mother’s full, red lips slid up and down his cock, and that was too much for him.
The boy felt the approach of a new orgasm.
“I’m going to finish, mom!” He exclaimed, ready to pour all her face with sperm.
But Robin had other ideas.
Pulling a member out of her mouth with a loud smacking sound, she squeezed him tightly at the base so that the sperm would not spill.
After a few seconds, the orgasm was prevented and Robin released the penis, licked a drop of sperm, still squeezed out of the hole in the head.

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“Damn, Robin, where did you learn this?” Melissa asked incredulously.
“Yes mom.
I was ready to finish.
Why did you do that? “Jason asked.
“I learned this from one asshole who was your father,” she explained.
“He always finished very quickly.
Therefore, I had to learn this if I wanted to finish myself.
And I didn’t give you an end, because today you have to do something special for me “, said Robin.
“What’s special, mom?” Jason asked.
Robin threw her leg over her son and crouched over his cock.
Taking the penis in her hand, she moved them around her crotch, richly covering the head with lubricant.
“Watch carefully, Yakint.
Now Jason and I will show you how mommies and daddies make children, “said Robin, dropping to her son’s cock.
“Ahhh, fucking!” She moaned as a member slipped and disappeared completely in her hairy pussy.
It was long enough to reach the uterus, causing the woman to scream with pleasure.
“Oooh, fuck me! See how Jason’s dick enters her mother’s pussy, baby?” Robin Yakintu asked, putting her pussy on her son’s hard cock.
“Yes, mommy.
Wow ! This is so cool! “Replied little Yakint, with her mouth open, looking at the fantastic sight that appeared before her.
Mom’s pussy was so different from her own.
A lot of hair, and lips are big and pink.
Excited to the limit, the girl began to rub her little hairless pussy.
Thrusting a finger inside, she tried to bring herself to orgasm.
Jason was beside himself with happiness.
He just lay on his back, and his mother quickly fucked him, jumping on the penis.
The sensations when her hairy labia slid on the head were incredible.
He knew that it could not last long, and soon he would shoot his sperm right in her mother’s pussy.
A few minutes later he felt a warm hand on his eggs.
Looking down, Jason saw Melissa.
Her big boobs were dangling from side to side, caressing his sweaty scrotum.
“Aah, shit.
Mom, I’ll finish now! Ooh, huh! ”The boy shouted, throwing his hips up and driving his cock deeper into his mother’s vagina.
A loud slap of eggs about her ass echoed throughout the room.
“Are you going to cum in mommy’s pussy, baby? Do you have a lot of hot sperm for mommy? Come on, baby! Fill mommy’s pussy with your sperm, and make me a baby! Indian sex cams online.

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