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I did not hear her steps down the corridor, however.
At this moment, judging by the sounds, Petrovich finished, and then Lena followed.
Shortly behind them and Sergey, splashing out the contents of his scrotum in the ass.

– Well, everything, everything, get off! – Petrovich shoved the bodies lying on him – Enough for today.
Sergey, we have to go! Men dressed, I spent them to the exit.
– Eh, Marinka! – Petrovich embraced me.
– It’s a pity to leave you! Well, nothing, I’ll just come to visit you.

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Will you accept? Having assured him that he was always a welcome guest with us, I locked the door behind them and returned to the office.
Lena was lying on the couch, prone, still naked and sobbing.
– Lenka, what are you doing? – I did not understand.
– Ma-a-arina Evgenievna.
I thought they were quick.
and all
And they stripped.
and together.
in all holes.
like a whore.
Len, quietly.
Do not yell you! So what, what happened.
You, I saw, it seems, even liked it.
Say no !? Lenka poprittihla.
“So what, what did you like?”
And I, by the way, have a husband.
And in general, I am decent.
– Husband.
Her husband in the evening will receive.
We have such a job with you.
And in general, rejoice that, for example, a firefighter takes money exclusively.
The fire inspector was an unusually unpleasant man.
Even I, with all my experience and patience, would not agree to pay him with something other than money.
I myself did not have time to finish during this orgy, stopping somewhere halfway through.
Now, the body insistently demanded to complete the job.
– Helen – I asked carefully – so how many times did you finish? – I do not know.
I did not count.
three times.
or four.
And maybe five.
– And I have never.
But you have seen enough, you know how now you want! Helen, help me, eh? – Like this? – she did not understand.

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– Well, leash me.
– I sat on the couch, spreading my legs wide apart and leaning back, putting Lena on my knees in front of me.
– I can not.
I never did that.
– Helen, you’re a woman too.
Do as you would like them to do to you.
She wanted to say something else, but I pulled her to me, poking my nose into the aching crotch.
Lena hands pulled off my lips to the sides, sliding the tongue between them, pulling the clitoris and sucking on small lips.
I relaxed, surrendering to pleasure.
The orgasm did not take long to come, with Lenochkin holding his head close to me, I finished, throwing my hips up high and loudly, not embarrassed, screaming.
– Marina Evgenievna, are you all? Can I dress? – getting up, asked Lena.
– Ohhhh.
Thank you Lenochka.
For a long time I was not so good.
And do you want me to do the same to you? – Probably not.
I’m already.
Oh! My index and ring fingers easily entered both of its holes, and the big one slid along the clitoris.
Once again feeling the foreign bodies entering it, Lena spread her legs, facilitating their penetration.
I had only to touch the tongue of the clitoris, as her hands clasped my head, tightly hugging and leaning my hips forward.
– Ay, yes, Lena! – I thought, working with my tongue and not forgetting to move my fingers in it.
– I never would have thought that this gray mouse is so easily excited! Probably, even if some bums in a dirty basement rape her, she still gets more pleasure than they! – Well? – I asked, when the last Lenochkin moans and cries subsided – did you like it? And did not want to! Lena was silent, breathing heavily.
– You, Lenochka, do not be shy.
I also liked it.
So if you want, come on.
I am always ready to give you pleasure, especially if you answer me the same.
Together, we pulled on her clothes and I let her go home, allowing tomorrow not to come.
Now I have three stores in different places.
In that, the very first, the director works Lenka.
A couple of times a month I go to her for verification.
While I check the documentation, her head is between my legs, in every way distracting me from work.
Thanks to this, she repeatedly got away with everything that I would have kicked out someone else for a long time.
However, then I immediately return her debt.
And her mistakes are getting smaller.
She already understood the rules of conducting domestic business.
Sergey still regularly checks the sanitary condition.
He does this without even appearing with us, but in order to issue papers at any of my stores, he asks each time that Helen appear in his office. Jeff kasser model.

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