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My hand climbed under the dress from behind and I found out that Lyudmila Anatolyevna was definitely without underwear! Plump hot thighs were at the mercy of my palm! Mother-in-law leaned against me, lifted the buttock, and I crawled a palm under her ass.
Oh, how beautiful the gap that separates the ass! How strong are her attractions! And in fear, and in doubt, I crawl through it, and there, in a ravine of gorgeous buns, I crave her breathing.
A wet soft crevice with curls of hair swallowed a couple of my fingers in half.

I turned my face to the mother-in-law, and without hesitation I began to caress her, one of my hands was rotating in her crotch, and the other I stroked my breasts.
But I could not wait to stroke her thighs, they excited me with their smooth whiteness and did not give me rest! “I have wanted this for a long time, Sasha, I have been looking at you for a long time,” Lyudmila Anatolyevna whispered with a tremor in her voice, opening her lush thighs and massaging my root.
– This is so strange.
I like it very much, – I answered with the same tremor in my voice, – You are an inimitable woman.
She crawled her wide ass over my arm, she was pleased to feel my palm under my ass, mother-in-law flowed, and apparently she had not had sex for a long time.
– I am pleased to hear this, Sasha.
– I want you.
– So what’s the deal? I’m all yours, – she said, blinking dull eyes, shaking her booty.
I was stunned, it was cool.
But how do we retire on the bus? It is very uncomfortable.
– Ludmila, we still can not do anything here.
– We can, not all, but we can.
She grabbed a kiss on my lips and began to massage my root with strong movements, sleek fingers drove in the middle of the head and palm polished the trunk, soon the mother-in-law took my dick into a fist, took it out of the underpants and proceeded to an impulsive imitation of intercourse.

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My hand was tired of moving in its crotch, and I just held my fingers there, as in a bubbling pond.
Lyudmila Anatolyevna was very good at playing with my dick, I already wanted to go into it with all my strength, this woman captured me with her charm.

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The bus picked up speed, there was some kind of music in the cabin, but we from the mother-in-law didn’t care for the music, we didn’t care for it, our masturbation rhythms were accelerated, she jeweled my cock in her fist, and my fingers gurgled in her crotch.
She quickly rubbed my head, then stopped, then wrapped her tight and started to pull, my mother-in-law kindled a fire in me, and I moaned from her wonderful hand.
My fingers rested, and I began to rotate them in the vagina with a new one.
The mother-in-law conducted a dialogue, hands acted in him, they argued, at first she urged me harder, and then I overtook her.
My mother-in-law flowed beautifully, I perfectly felt her hot lubricant, which was already spilled on the chair and turned me on more strongly.
At this moment, my excitement pulled my fingers out of the crotch, and led me along the stunning soft buttocks, to the gap that causes many men to lose their sanity.
My mother-in-law liked how I touched her ass, she even bit me on the shoulder.
“Put a couple of fingers in there,” the mother-in-law asked, lifting her buttocks.
She quietly moaning and pulling her hips, and my dick began to pull and squeeze harder and faster, I felt an approach to the sweet flight! Oh, Lyudmila Anatolyevna also felt that I would soon be finished and pushed my fist even faster! At this time, I inserted a third finger into her ass and this gave me final pleasure! Oh, her beautiful ass! ABOUT!! Her lovely ass! Oh, her lovely ass! Oh, what a plague funnel she has! – BUT! – I squeezed out a small cry, not wanting to attract the attention of passengers.
Sperm jumped out and half the mother-in-law hit in the face, Lyudmila Anatolyevna closed her eyes from pleasure and hurried to open her mouth, she shook my cock, squeezing out streams from it and caught them with her tongue.
“Just a little bit, Sasha,” the mother-in-law asked politely, moving her hips, “Move there with me.”
I earned my fingers in a semicircle and to lose! Mother-in-law spun, shook her head, silently licking the remnants of sperm from the lips.
The bus inadvertently drove on a bump, we shook ourselves and my fingers climbed into the ass mother-in-law for the entire length.
– Oh! – burst out of her.
– And not ashamed of you? – some elderly lady blurted out from the chair opposite us, – I looked, I looked, I didn’t dare to say anything, I thought you would stop this disgusting thing, because not teenagers but adults, well, is it possible? Latina boobs cam.

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