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Ruslan, are you missing the girls? – trying to escape I asked him.
Ruslan looked at me with some dull eyes, breathing fumes in the face.
With his foot, he tried to push my legs apart.

With one hand he pressed me against the wall so that I would not break free, with the other I tried to pull off my pants and he almost succeeded.
Having lowered them almost to the knees, Ruslan began to try to penetrate into the passage with his finger.
Sharply turning me to his back, he tore off a towel and began to attach me a member between the halves.
Damn, you let me go! – I broke the scream.
Having slipped out of Ruslan’s hands, I rushed into the corridor with my shorts down.
Shooting my sneakers and putting on my jacket, I was already reaching for the door handle, and only then I realized that jeans were in the kitchen.
Ruslan, who was standing on the sidelines, was looking at my haste and giggling, saying that “in my underpants it would be somehow cool to get home.”
Give me the jeans! – I said sharply.
Come take it, – Ruslan, his arms folded across his chest, nodded his head toward the kitchen. Live sex on stage tube.

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