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She gently licked the barrel and the eggs with the tip of the tongue – it just knocked him down, then a couple of times he kissed her gently, swallowed him whole.
Sergey could no longer resist, trying not to think about what would happen next, he continued to catch the buzz.
She took him by the ass, and he immediately felt how her finger rested against his anus.

– Relax.
Sergei obeyed, and her finger went into his ass, it was unpleasant, but tolerable.
He closed his eyes, tried to focus on the sensations in the penis.
Sensing that she had pulled away from him, he looked down and saw that she was richly lubricating her palms and fingers with a cream (understandably for what).
– Maybe we can do without it.
– No, we will not do.
The situation was hopeless, Sergey was chained and he needed this exam.
In the meantime, she continued to suck him, at the same time lubricating his point, the discomfort quickly disappeared, he began to receive only the thrill of the suction and her finger in his asshole.
Soon she stuck two fingers to him – the discomfort returned again, but again they were tolerant, it did not last long, she soon pulled out her fingers, Sergey was glad, but in vain.
– Well, now you’re ready.
She got up, and Sergey again saw that Tamara’s member was staking, he was afraid of what would happen now, “well, at least no one will know about it,” he thought.

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She came back hesitated, smearing her trunk too.
– On knees.

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Realizing that it was useless to argue, Sergey knelt down.
The head of the teacher’s member rested on his ass.
Sharp unpleasant pain and he felt her dick enter his anal.
He pulled the handcuffs, but to no avail, put his head on the battery, tried to pull away as far as possible, but this did not change anything.
The member filled everything, there was a feeling of incredible fullness and pain.
Tamara, slowly slapping her palm, began to move slowly.
It was very painful, Sergei barely restrained, but the pace was growing, she was tormenting his ass, while spanking him on the ass.
– What a sweet you ass.
– Everything is enough, it hurts me, stop.
“You don’t want to be heard, do you?” Not? Then don’t yell.
– Let’s get faster – he meant to finish faster, but it was not expressed correctly.
– Faster, good – and she began to trick so that there was a feeling that he was being fucked with a knife.
– Ask to fuck you, alive.
Wishing it to end as soon as possible, Sergey began to ask: – Fuck me, tear my ass, deeper, deeper.
Tamara Vasilievna began to fuck more than ever, there was a burning pain, but for the first time Sergey felt that this gave him indescribable pleasure.
Although he did not touch his penis, he felt that he was about to finish.
And then Tamara groaned, and Sergei felt how she ended up in his ass.
She got out of him and immediately unfastened the handcuffs, Sergei immediately got up, rubbing his hands, he turned around and saw that Tamara Vasilyevna was kneeling with his ass towards him, slightly shaking her hips.
– Let’s fuck me with all my might.
Sergey immediately put her ass on the very eggs.
Wishing to avenge torture and humiliation, Sergey began to tear her up with all his might.
Tamara Vasilyevna began to squirm and moan loudly, she sat down on his penis like a madman.
“Oh yes, stick him in me, fuck my ass.”
Sergey began to move as quickly as possible, he stuck his member as deep as he could, took revenge for the pain, hoping to break this narrow, craving ass member.
Sticking his dick to the very foundation, he felt his eggs beating about Tamara Vasilievna’s eggs and this made him exhausted. Live streaming sex channels.

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