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So what’s the matter! – that has laughed, – You speak, two were already described? These are the ones that Larissa led us? Sveta again whispered something in Ksyusha’s ear and she giggled again.
Kolya had an unpleasant foreboding.
Judging by the tricky faces of the nannies, they definitely started something.

Oh, that’s what you want to experiment with! – said Ksyusha through laughter.
Shhhh ,.
– raised a finger to the lips of the Light.
Sveta came up to Kolya and took his hand.
Let’s go to the treatment room, ”she said.“ We need to anoint you with baby cream between the legs.
Kolya did not understand why the nurse decided to smear it with baby cream at such an inappropriate moment, not to mention how he was embarrassed by this procedure. Livejasmin mature.

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