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I began to study them, or rather their members.
They turned out to be a good size, which pleased me.
I put on panties and a dressing gown, took a secret purse and went to the toilet.

I washed, brushed my teeth, washed my pussy.
In general, Kate has put herself in order) Returning back, she stopped at the compartment of the conductor, decided to look in.
It was still early and Pasha was asleep.
I went to him, throw off the blanket from him, he slept naked.
I could not so easily leave, sat down next to him and took his soft cock in my mouth, began to gently suck, play with him with my tongue.
his member gained full strength, and here Pasha himself woke up.
He started stroking my head, pressing me to his dick deeper into my mouth.
I got up, turned my back on him, pushed back the striped panties and began to sit ass on his dick.
I did not take off my panties and turn to face him, did not want him to know who I really am.
She sat down all the way on his stick and put her hands on his chest and began to jump.
then quickly, then slowly.
then she sat down completely and simply moved her pelvis.
slowly rose and abruptly sat down with a slap.
my jumps ended in that Pasha began to growl, I jumped up and took his cock in my mouth and he immediately began to cum, barely in time, I thought to myself, because I did not want to dirty my ass.
Swallowing all the sperm, I licked my lips and got out of his compartment.
he did not understand who I am) Morning sex and sperm are cool)) I was very pleased))) I went to my compartment and opened the door.
My fellow travelers have already woken up and drank beer.

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they sat completely naked.
I am probably a very vicious man.
I am the most vicious man of all that I only know.
And, probably, one of the most vicious, from all existing representatives of the stronger sex.
Although, I do not understand why it is strong.
After all, a vice is a vulnerable, weak point in a person.
I am wicked to the bone.
I’m wicked to the tips of my nails.
Vice permeated my whole existence.
He became my way of thinking.
He has become a way of my life.
Sometimes, I declare war on Him.
Sometimes I even lead the attack on the vice.
But in the end, nevertheless, having understood His prevailing power, I capitulate.
And he, this vice, occupies more and more new positions in my soul.
Let’s philosophize a little.
Oh, many readers, after so, have already switched the Internet to other pages.
So, there are true fans of my humble talent of the writer, fans of Mr. X! Yes, let’s agree that my nickname, with your permission, we will now change to.
So what is the philosophy? Yes, the fact that a man does, compares favorably with a woman.
And first of all, in the age criteria.
Here I am, for example, already (or still?) 36 years old.
I look like a cucumber.
Tall, fit, sporty and slim build.
Not burdened with heavy, physical labor, I kept the beautiful skin of the hands and face.
They say that I do not look older than the age of 25-28.

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What is a woman in 36? Oooh.
Creature spread into wideness, with numerous wrinkles on the face, hands, elbows, with cellulite wherever it occurs.
And this is only.
It is necessary to undress her.
In general, you understand me perfectly.
I live in a small town where everyone knows not only the face, but also the passport details of each other.
Against this background, my reputation and has long been formed.
And if, earlier, I fucked the beautiful half of our city from 16 to 25 years, now, I continued to get acquainted with her, also in the same age parameter! Now about the new way I discovered recently.
This is not a new method.
This is the Internet.
In short, I posted the most obscene questionnaire on one of the dating sites, where I described my sexual preferences.
Now, getting acquainted with the passion, I can first carefully study her profile.
She, in turn, is mine. Livejasmin videos.

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