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And then you turn me onto my back and energetically come to lick my crack.
And I will put you on my face and we will both end in position 69.
And then we will lie for a long time, hugging.

And in subsequent meetings, our sex will be more unusual.
If not, I will tell.
I want our butts to see a variety of objects.
What would we have ended continuously.
And you can play a variety of role-playing games.
Only probably we will never meet.
Because you are not.
It’s a pity.
Evening “visit” of two schoolgirls greatly offended the teacher.
She didn’t sleep at midnight, wondering what to do, nor how could she calm down.
In the end, she sketched a plan of action.
From plans spilled heat in the abdomen.
Masturbation helped, but not quite, then Natasha took the very hanger and fucked herself with it.
Having experienced several orgasms, she fell asleep.
In the morning I had to go to school, to teach lessons.
Natalya Aleksandrovna, absorbed in plans for revenge, did everything on autopilot: she talked with colleagues, led a lesson, gave marks.
Neither in words nor in gestures did she make it clear to Julia and Ninka that to treat them somehow differently than until yesterday evening.
Girlfriends were lost in conjectures, not for a minute assuming that the sweet, modest teacher is capable of anything.
Using the window in the schedule, Natasha went to one of the sex shops.
The prices she saw hit her, but she was not going to retreat.

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Having spent almost all of her savings, Natasha bought everything she needed.
Now I had to wait for classes.
Preparing everything you need, Natalia Alexandrovna sat in an ambush.
The bell rang, and the students hurried out of the school.
Seeing the girlfriends, the historian called out: -Lapshina! Julia Lapshin! – The friends stopped, Natalya Alexandrovna grabbed Julia by the hand and almost dragged her along: – Let’s go, let’s go! Need a couple of words to spread! Stunned, Julia dutifully followed the teacher, who understood nothing Nink was walking behind.
Natasha pushed the girl into the history room, locked the door and, turning around, Julia dropped such a splash that she flew off to the desks and fell into the aisle.
Without wasting time, the teacher jumped toward her and, putting her hands back, snapped

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the handcuffs.
Only Julia opened her mouth to either get indignant or shout in protest as Natalya Alexandrovna took advantage of the situation and put a gag in her short member by snapping the lock on the back of her head.
“So, Lapshina,” said the history teacher, “having commented on his pupil with satisfaction,” a start has been made.
Now the sequel.
It was that Natalya Alexandrovna, despite the girl’s resistance, pulled off her skirt and panties, dragged her to the table and placed her breast on the table, unbuttoning her blouse and bra, and then reliably tying her legs to the legs of the table, and then across the back .
As soon as Julia began to resist, the punishment followed: at least ten times with a pointer on the ass, sides and thighs.
After the third punishment, Julia became so much fun, she began to obey Natasha’s orders meekly.
As soon as Yulia’s hands were released, she tried to free herself.
However, the teacher did not let this happen.
Holding her clothes, she tied her hands to the other legs of the table.
“Well, my dear,” said, patting the captive of her open pussy, Natasha, “I like you more.”
ABOUT! You all expire! Does it excites you! – She deftly inserted a vibrator into Yule’s slit and turned it on.
– Well, nothing, nothing, my dear, you do not have long to endure. Masturbation web live.

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