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Javadxan, she ran away, and now she did it, answered the grinning girl.
Realizing that the meaning of the phrase was frivolous, the whole department laughed in unison.
So, so, trample down the boor and the vulgar and out of the society of the noble lords, – having fun and waving his hands, as if someone is being thrown out of the room, Volodya was flooded.

Sasha grabbed the ruler from the table, called the offender to a duel.
Rose merry mess.
Interrupted by Seregi’s admiring exclamation: Guys, look what you gave me! And he, having removed the box of eau de cologne from his face, turned his face to the friends jumping around him.
They stopped together and tried to grab the box from his hands, but he jumped back, pulled his hand behind his back and thus saved the present from the invaders.
Ol, can I open it? He asked in a pleading tone.
Of course, open it, it’s your present, the giftmaker answered.
The boys began to jerk the packaging together, extracting the contents, and then snatching the bottle from each other began to splash onto the contents.
Glorious they are guys, probably, I will still accept their offer, to sit in the evening in a cafe, to celebrate an event, Olga thought, looking at them.
From the beginning of the week, she was attacked by the entire department about this, and she was rejecting it.

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– Yes, and have a chat in a non-working environment, I, too, is not a sin to dispel.
The exhilarating scent of a good

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men’s cologne floated around the room.
In the evening, already sitting in a cafe and having a little drunk, they, trying to shout over the roar of the speakers, amicably told stories from their programmer lives.
It was so close and understandable to Olga, that she sincerely regretted that national music thundered around, which you couldn’t dance to and you wouldn’t talk about calmly, and half of what they say is just not heard.
Sergey proposed to move the gatherings to his house, even warning that about to devour the ball in his house, t.
no relatives, they are on vacation, and he eats only semi-finished products.
But there is normal music and you can talk quietly, and you can look at its listings not used for business.
How he bypassed the problem of unsuitable arrays for the past project.
All together spoke out for normal conditions for conversation and the opportunity to rummage around in his computer.
Olga, having estimated the alignment, also agreed, especially since the time was really childish.
Having sat down with the whole company in a taxi, continuing to chat and recall funny and not very real life stories, they stopped at the deli.
The boys made a purchase, leaving in a taxi, as Volodya put it, the most valuable thing they have is a pledge that they will return.
Arriving at Sergey’s house, they quickly set the table, and Olga was not even surprised to see a bottle of vodka on the table (they drank champagne in the cafe), and sat down to congratulate the birthday man.
Olga, too, was poured vodka, explaining that there was no champagne, and forced to drink, using different variations of the theme – we are all together.
Then they congratulated again, and the boys, having turned on the music, turned off the overhead light and turned on the wall sconces, offered to dance. Nude in live show.

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