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Not! Only a fur coat.
The woman looked at him.
Of her clothes were only boots and stockings.

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And the collar.
What are you worth? – he smiled – go naked to me.
Do not worry, do not freeze, I’m on the car.
Irina groaned.
Wore a fur coat.
What a humiliation.
She had never been naked in the city before.
And the collar? And she is still on a leash.
Irina showed her hand on the collar.
Victor thought.
Unhooked the leash, then removed the collar.
While we are going, you will be without him.
Irina relieved sigh.
Olga said that she had prepared a handbag for you – Victor walked around the head doctor’s table.
Took a gray bag from the floor.
Opened it.
Wow, there are a lot of interesting things here – the man put a collar and a leash in his bag.
Took the folder and bag in hand.
Come on – he ordered.
Irina moved next.
How humiliating it is.
Adult woman is completely naked under a fur coat.
They got into a beautiful foreign car.
Victor started the car.
In a businesslike manner she penetrated under her fur coat between her legs.
Irina groaned.
His toy.
His cow.
Do you always flow? The man asked.
Irina looked into his eyes.
You can say – Victor smiled – I know that, according to the rules, cows cannot talk.
But I allow you.
His finger penetrated the woman.
Irina groaned.
His toy.
HIM! Often – the woman answered.
Like to be a cow? Yes.
Victor pulled a finger out of it.
They drove away from the clinic.
Irina closed her eyes.
A cow is being taken to a stranger home.
There she will become his toy.
Half an hour later they arrived at the house they needed.
Left the car.
Irina looked down.
It seemed to her that everyone could see that she was naked.
They entered the entrance, climbed to the second floor and entered the apartment.
Take off your clothes – ordered Victor.
Irina took off her fur coat.
How ashamed she was.
Absolutely naked in someone else’s apartment.

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The woman complied.
Victor undressed himself.
Opened the bag.
He took out the collar and put it on the neck of Irina.
Hooked on a leash.
The woman herself sank to the floor.
She was ready for what Olga and Igor had invented for her.
Two days as an animal.
In a stranger’s apartment, with a stranger.
There was not even any of her clothes here.
Your name is Irina? – asked Victor.
I will call you Lika.
Irina looked at the man with a question.
That was the name of one lustful bitch with whom I met several times.
The woman groaned.
He could call her anything.
She is his cow.
Olga told me that you are crazy like being an animal? Yes – Irina moaned.
Remember, Lika, in this apartment there is only one person and an animal.
In this apartment there is one person and an animal – Irina repeated.
Victor smiled.
You move only on all fours.
I will see on two legs, I will punish.
Do you understand? Yes.
Irina flowed.
Two days.
She was scared, but curious.
Lika, the animal of Victor.
His cow.
Come on, show you your house.
Irina crawled on a leash.
Two rooms, large kitchen, bathroom.
Her new home.
Victor sat in the chair.
I already paired you – he smiled – now show how you work with your mouth.
The woman bit her lip.
She was accustomed to being simply mated by strangers.
But now she is not a machine tool.
The body is free.
But she is an animal.
Irina crawled to Victor.
Helped to release from the pants and shorts his dick.
He was already standing.
touched tongue, then lips.
This is a member of its current owner.
He was already in it, and there will be more.
In the meantime, she caressed him orally.
Victor groaned.
Squeezed her head.
Irina fully accepted his dick.
He was medium in size, slightly smaller than Igor.
But he was a stranger.
Irina moaned.
Albeit in the role of an animal, but she cheated on her husband.
And Igor knew about it.
And he wanted this.
Irina flowed.
Victor finished the woman right in the throat.
And you are a good nipple, Lika – he praised.
Irina smiled.
She liked such vulgar praise.
I liked how you finished on the machine.
Cum more.
The woman smiled.
His toy, his animal.
Irina lay on the floor on the carpet, shamelessly spread her legs and began to caress her wet hole.
She presented how then everything will be told to Igor and Olga.
The woman wanted more shame, more humiliation.
She flowed, moaned, worked with her fingers.
On the floor of a stranger apartment in front of a stranger.
Great sight – she heard the words of Victor.
A few moments and a woman covered orgasm.
She screamed and twitched.
She was breathing heavily, her heart was just breaking out of her chest.
Let’s see what we have here – Victor opened the bag.
Olga prepared a lot of surprises.
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