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From the legs, when dressing with a more or less short skirt, I even went crazy.
Goddess! Face – regular features, light blue, slightly almond-shaped eyes, small “Greek” nose.
Hair – dark blond and long – to the shoulder blades.

And Natasha is always tanned.
Even in the winter, at least in the summer.
Tanning salons and resorts do not allow to go tan and she always has a “foreign” look.
Moreover, we do not live in the south at all, and practically all of the whites are as dead.
On that day, Natasha dressed in a beautiful white and red dress with a neckline that accentuated her gorgeous breasts and ass, fitting the figure.
The hem of the dress in the style of “nikos” began just above the knee and ended at the hip just below the waist.
On the legs – “silver” heeled sandals with ties on the ankle.
Hands were open, on the neck and on the wrists bracelets of inexpensive, but beautiful jewelry.
This is the beauty I unloaded from the restaurant and supporting the waist led to the waiting taxi.
The legs of my wife were a little tattered from drunk and I didn’t search for the taxi I had called, but I got into the nearest place – the benefit of the restaurant was a dozen cars.
I grunted at the address I hugged my wife and decided to close my eyes – to go close.
He opened his eyes to the fact that his wife unpleasantly poked me in the side with her elbow.
The car was standing.
The headlights didn’t shine, but the sidelights barely made out something dark from the front of the dark.
Drove through a slightly open window with someone spoke quietly.
My wife suddenly clung to me tightly.
Before I could understand what was going on and where we opened the doors and my wife and I were literally pulled out in different directions.

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Maybe due to the fact that my eyes were closed during the trip, or maybe already professional (attacking? – complete concentration!) I immediately saw in the darkness two guys who had pulled me and a peasant pulling Natasha out of the way.
Immediately assessing the situation at the time I was even glad.
The clash did not promise any problems.
Hook right I knocked left the lad.
Hook was a success – the coach would be pleased! The kid on the right got his foot on the ribs and fell with a howl.
I almost celebrated the victory and wondered how to execute the dude who encroached on the sacred – my woman: then a blow from behind and it seemed that they just pulled me out of the socket.
Woke up on the ground in pain.
Someone strenuously processed me with their feet.
My body and head were sore.
I thought that they broke my rib and leg.
The nose was swollen, the right eye poured blood.
When they stopped beating, someone sat on my back, poked my neck in the neck and lifted my hair by the hair.
From what I saw, I yelled.
I was lying near the left front wing of a taxi.
Headlights were turned on and flashed a brick wall.
Three strong guys and my absolutely Naked Natasha stood by this wall.
Of her clothes, only sandals and a bracelet around her neck remained.
Two bulls were holding her, and the third man standing in front of him said something quietly to her.
Natashka cried loudly and occasionally nodded.
From her beautiful nose stretched a thin stream of blood.
Her chest convulsively shook with sobs.
Hair disheveled and in the leaves.
A scrap of her clothes lay on the ground.
Beautiful among predators! Continuing to talk, the peasant put his hand on his chest, and the second one in a businesslike manner he ran between his wife’s legs.
Natasha banged, but immediately received a punch in

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the stomach.
It was like a signal to those who held it.
They put her on her knees and the man who hit her began to unbutton her pants.
Natasha never liked blowjobs – preferring to start a dance, but there was no choice.
She tightly wrapped her slightly plump lips with his cock and began to suck.
The sight of a beautiful swarthy girl sucking a member of some whitish scumbag was unreal.
To top it off, the man grabbed her hair and just started fucking her in the mouth.
Two accomplices at that moment were playing with their wife’s breasts and pussy, feeling all the innermost corners of Natasha’s body.
Finally, the man, grumbling contentedly, finished the whole face with his sperm.
Sperm mixed with blood from the nose and left freaky marks on the face. Online naked video chat.

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