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I again fell silent and began to sort through receipts from “LLC.
The collection company Edmond “tried to figure out the next step, the main thing she did not interrupt me, it means she already believes that I can do something differently than she expects, it means she is afraid of something and, in all likelihood, something serious different would have long been thrown out of the house.
– You have a small debt to the bank.

“I wrote and came to the bank and explained everything,” she began again, as a girl, to justify herself to me.
– May I finish, I told you that I am not the investigator, I am responsible for getting the debts, that’s all.

And so you have the main debt in the amount of 678,000 dollars, a little, but the amount worries the bank and hangs on the balance sheet and you need to do something to return it.
“But,” Olga Petrovna snapped again.
– You used to interrupt all the time? – I pointedly looked at her, she stopped talking, after waiting a moment I continued, – we are not solving your problem now, but solving a bank problem, and I only give way for reflection, but it is very important not for me, but for you, therefore please wait a few minutes and I will finish.

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What I could say, everything was spinning in my head, the brain was working to the limit, gathering pieces of information that I had accidentally or indirectly heard from Alexey.
“Also overdue interest in the amount of $ 167,301 and a fine for delay in the amount of $ 48,263 and of that $ 893,564,” I paused, looked at the paper, it was even funny for me how I break a comedy here, and now about the main thing.
Probably, you already know Olga Petrovna that, according to your debt, the bank took the case to court, it was accepted for production and tomorrow at nine in the morning I have to come to court with several papers, namely.
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