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Hello! I will not rassusolivat a long time, but I can not speak.
Yesterday there was a misfortune, a divorce from her husband.
And the thing is this.

He came home from a friend with a bottle.
I quickly bungled them a snack and left the room.
Do not sit with them.
It takes an hour and a half, I hear him calling his friend, Lord, I think what happened.
I hurry, I enter the kitchen, and I see my bound to a chair.
I rush to untie him, but a friend suddenly grabbed me with my tummy on the table, and immediately my hand under the dressing gown, and my finger in the ass.
I tried to honestly escape, and even burst into tears.
A friend as if on purpose, the nickname even centner)).
He pressed me, and then I feel something hot touches the anus, and I realized with triple strength, pushing away from him, but it was not there.
And when the whole head (I was a girl until yesterday), entered the ass, a terrible thing happened.
I gave up and got a buzz.
I didn’t even think about pleasure, and only when I saw the eyes of my husband (he realized that I gave up and enjoy) I whispered lips with my lips forgive me.
The friend understood this.
he let me go, I fell on his knees in front of him and like a greedy bitch swallowed a member.
To the very throat.
could not breathe, but sucked.
I sucked the dick of a man I hated.
She put him on a chair, and turning her back to him, clasping his member (believe me not small) put her on his pussy, and sat down.
You know, I didn’t get any buzz, I realized what I wanted.
took out a member and put it to the pope.
Husband already arched, eyes glorified, he saw everything, everything happened by him.

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I began to slowly descend.
the sphincter did not want to let go, and I sat down with force.
A member slipped, I put the legs on his lap, and began to move quickly.
I was all flowing.
it’s so cool, I jumped off, got cancer on the floor, strongly arched the back, and he entered me without tenderness.
He deliberately turned my ass to her husband, and often took out a member so that my husband could see my hollow.
And I did not care.
I had an ass, I was now his fag, he made me a fag, and when he called me that, I got a new drop of pleasure.
When he finished right in my gut, he pulled out

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his button and left silently, I was still standing on the knees for a long time, and my husband was looking at my lost point.
When it came together more or less and I realized that I was standing like a fool and a whore, I was ashamed.
because even my husband never had me in the ass.
And then a stranger.
And I also got up, got ready and went to my mom.
And today Leshka appeared, brought a declaration of divorce, But I love him, but now I constantly want someone to fuck someone else’s ass.
When I came out, Inga lay in my pastels.
“Honey, I was waiting for you,” she said, and her playful eyes reflected the light of the lamp.
There were thoughts in my head that I would no longer have such a chance.
I thought I needed to try everything I had ever dreamed of with her.
Tiny in bed – this is rare.
I approached her and in my head was already a picture of her ass, which I remembered even then in the car.
Yes, I want to enter it from behind.
The anus of this little slut was probably not as often used as a vagina.
Her gut is pretty virgin.
Thinking about it, I opened the cabinet and pulled out the anal lubricant.
It so happened that we broke up with her.
“Grab and smear yourself behind this grease,” I told Inge and began to undress.
“But we didn’t agree,” she protested.
“I do not give anyone in the ass.
it hurts.
I don’t want to, “she said, and looked at me with her dark eyes.
“Inga, or do you do it with lubrication, or I will enter your ass without lubrication.
no lubrication will hurt.
choose “- I said and threw the blanket.
She had no chance against me.
In front of her stood a guy weighing 90 kilograms, tall and completely overgrown with muscles. Online sex mp4.

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