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Her slave should be her complete property, she should even control his life, and become a real mistress.
Mmm, Elena thoughtfully thought, a slave without her own opinion and desires, who could not object to her in any way, a living toy – which understands and feels everything, and realizes its position, which she instills.
The main thing he has a desire, and the rest she will do everything herself.

It will take time, but the game was worth the candle.
I almost caught the fourth grape.
oh, but she treacherously hit my chin, and rolled far across the floor.
I sighed in disappointment, realizing that the lady was now dissatisfied.
– You have the last attempt, slave! – The girl warned, rather watching me creep up to the fallen grape and pick her up with my mouth.
Returning to the scene, I froze in concentration, waiting for the throw, deciding not to catch this little and such naughty grape.
Helen did not hold back a smile, seeing with what attention, with what intensity, her slave constantly watches her hand with fruit.
He was now like a faithful pet.
That is exactly what the girl liked now.
That there was a game for her, and she was just having fun and having fun, then for the slave it was absolutely serious.

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She needed only to hint to the slave that punishment might await him, as he immediately intended, trying, by all means, not to allow it.
Slave understood that in her hands concentrated enormous power and capabilities.
In her ability to come up with any punishment.
Elena realized that more and more become his true mistress, that he accepts and perceives her already.
It amused the girl.
Everything can be much simpler, as she supposed.
It seems to be a harmless game, but there was such a tense pause, of course, for my part, as if my fate was being decided.
Imagine my joy and glee when I was able to catch a grape.
I was proud of myself.
– Well done, slave! – As always, calmly and without any special emotions praised Elena, realizing that her thing doesn’t deserve big words of praise.
At this girl decided that enough to pamper his slave.
Five grapes are enough for him, even knowing that he did not eat anything.
Her slave, just coped with her task.
Vlad put salads and chicken in his plates and put them on the back of a plump.
Vlad: – you have my plates with food on your back, look don’t drop it! Chubby continued to suck but tried not to move so as not to drop the plates.
She felt the smell of food, in the stomach growled.
When Vlad was full, he put more salads and chicken in plates from which he ate.
Vlad: the cock out of his mouth took out

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! I like to suck her look even more than eat.
Turn to me ass! Chubby turned.
Vlad walked around it and put a plate on the floor on the other side of the round table. Online sex video girls.

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