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It was hot and tight.
I continued to drive my finger along her anus, slightly pressing and stretching, admiring how it changes in its shape.
Her little hole was about to open up.

My left hand is tired and I gently let go of the upper half of my butt with my thongs and removed my hand.
With my right hand, it wasn’t convenient for me to reach for Olesina’s pope, because for that I’d have to fall on the mattress, but I didn’t want to create unnecessary movements, still fearing to wake her.
I again pulled her right buttock with my left hand, and this time I boldly and intensively began to caress her anal ring.
It lasted about five minutes.
I began to get used to this fun and I wanted something new.
I decided to capture this case and took my smartphone in my right hand.
Moistening the index finger of his left hand with saliva, as before, pulling the ass up, began to gradually push the finger inside.
It can be seen she was completely relaxed due to her alcoholic coma.
Her anal muscles, however, tightly wrapped around my finger and I felt spasmodic movements.
Quickly looking up, I became convinced that Olesino’s face, upon which the moonlight fell, was absolutely calm.
Great, I can go on.
What a pleasure it was to feel her inner tissues and hot embrace of the anus! With my right hand, I pointed the phone and click, snapped up my secret penetration, cutting off the sound of the flash mode in advance! The flash itself did not disturb Olesin in a deep drunken sleep.
Gradually I entered deeper and deeper.
Every time Olesin the anus slightly missed me and again firmly gripped as if he himself got used to new sensations.
Olesya continued to breathe evenly and did not react at all to my night visit.
Finally, the finger entered the entire length and the tip, I felt something soft and fleshy.
I froze, thinking that Olesina was a poop, but as it turned out her canal was absolutely clean and it was the tissues of the internal sphincter.

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I began to drive my finger along its anal walls, trying not to miss a single centimeter.
I’m finally in the forbidden kingdom! Since Olesya was apparently in the deepest blackout, I decided to fuck her in the ass with my finger and began to drive them backwards.
It turned out to be not so easy, the sphincter continued to spasm and when I removed my finger he practically pushed him out of the cherished den.
“I have to work it out,” I thought, and with these thoughts I began to patiently, slowly move my finger here and there in the Olesina ass.
I noticed that she began to breathe a little louder and deeper, but just as smoothly.
My saliva mixed with its natural lubricant gleaming in the moonlight flowed from the pattern of the anus on the lower buttock.
Bending down, I tried to touch my anal circle with my tongue, but I realized that it would be very uncomfortable for me.
A little thought, I decided to

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turn Olesya into a more suitable position.
When I began to turn her over, she started tossing and turning, and did not give in to my efforts.
After waiting a little longer for her to sleep better, I turned her over, putting her in the center of the bed.
The blanket covered her back and partly legs, exposing only the coveted oval of an elastic ass, which was cut in half by a narrow strip of thongs, soaked from my games.
Olesya lay with a half-side on her stomach, her right leg was bent at the knee and pulled to her stomach, the left one was stretched down.
Perfect posture for my further perversions! Trembling with excitement, I climbed onto the bed in such a way that her extended leg was between my knees.
Bent over, I spread her gorgeous ass with both hands.
Now Olesin anus appeared before me in all its glory.
By this time my cock was already numb from tension and sweet anticipation.
But I was in no hurry – for me it was more important to extend the moment of adoration before my cherished dream 🙂 With the usual movement, I pushed aside the omnipresent thong and pushed her ass even wider.
The anus stretched to the limit and the sphincter ring slightly opened, forming a small hollow.
Almost with a groan, I plunged into it with my tongue and slowly and gently licked every inch of cherished flesh.
My nose hammered the exciting smell of Olesin’s intimate slits, I felt the smell from the strings that soaked with her juices, drops of urine and sweat for a day.
In my head dimmed from wild excitement! Straining my tongue, I pressed them on the anus and felt the circumference give way.
My tongue plunged somewhere on the floor a centimeter inside.
The hole opened even more and turning my head back I began to admire the internal muscles of the sphincter. Sex and the city 4 season watch online.

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