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At the end there was a groan.
– What are you going to do something? – I’m children.
– And, persuaded Andryukha? – No, we are divorcing Andryukha.

– Christmas trees, how interesting is everything! So what kind of children? – Well, I’m like a trainer by education.
– My God, awl on soap, what a garbage ?! Tomorrow what time? – Come in the evening.
I will spend the night in the office.
– Alenochka, my child, but you do not need a new husband? – Yes, what for I do not need anyone anymore.
After this phrase, Sergey Ivanovich stopped flirting, discussed the details, and he hung up.
The house was quiet.
Husband sat at the laptop.
As always.
In the sink lay dirty dishes.
– Need to talk.
“We’re not interested in each other’s problems,” said Andrew, freaking out.
– Andrey, I sell my business and leave for the sea, to rest.
– Not understood.

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Andrew got up, began to walk around the room.
– So you have not even consulted with me and are selling everything that you have threatened for ten years of life? And you do not call me to the sea, yes, of course, I will whine, stop you from twisting your skirt.
– That’s not all.
We divorce.
Andrew all reddened.
– What are you doing, are you a fool or something? What a divorce? Seven years of marriage to the cat under the tail? I did not react, continued to calmly stand in one position.
– Alyona, alyo, are you adequate at all or stoned? I knew that he wanted to take me to tears, and his hints of addiction were due to the fact that I smoked cigarettes for a year, and I quit, which is interesting, but since then I have become a drug addict for my husband, and, well, an alcoholic, a complete set, in short
– I am adequate.

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And in general, I changed you.
Andrew fell silent.
He was shocked.
Already sat on the couch.
– With whom? – With Vladislav, my driver.
– What? With this jerk? You hear, dear, you are his mother’s age! – Well, you bitch, Andrew.
After all, I’m older than him by only ten years.
– Yes, you yourself bitch, damn, how could you do with me? And what, well he fucked you? Then I smiled, purely involuntarily, well, I could not refrain from pleasant memories! Then Andrew began to cry.
And I walked around the apartment, collecting things.
And she knew that she had to ruin everything, ruin this routine.
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