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“Now listen carefully,” she said.
– Now you will kiss and lick the foot of my left foot.
And with my right foot, I will caress you.

If you do everything right, you will get me.
She put her foot on my face.
I waited, but then I thought that, probably, it was wrong to wait, and kissed her heel.
I felt the material of her stocking on the lips.
“Yes, that’s right, like this, now lie back,” she said, with a sigh.
I thought, did a kiss really turn her on like that? At this time, I felt my fingers touching her fingers, tightened in nylon.
She kicked my groin, infuriating me.
I began to lick her foot, even more starting it.
Her mouth felt the taste of her stockings.
And she drove a big toe on the head of my penis, smearing grease all over the trunk.
And I kissed and licked her foot.
I have already stopped feeling that I am lying in the water.
It must have been warm from our passion.
Soon her foot was wet.
However, her second foot too soon got wet.
When she pressed the head of my penis into my stomach with a heel, I could not stand it and lowered everything that had accumulated.
– Ugly boy, now my stocking will smell like your sperm! – she scolded me jokingly.
– You have to clean my foot, otherwise you will not get anything! She took from my face a leg dipped in my saliva, and put the other leg dipped in my sperm on him.
I’m confused.
I have never tasted my sperm before.
But she held a heel to my lips.
I licked them.
Salty taste, nothing disgusting like.
I completely licked her foot, and she was pleased.
“Well, you’re really well done,” she said. Sex hidden camera arab.

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