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In government stores there is nothing, on the market and in commercials they sell not for coupons, but for big money.
And when Alyona, having received money from her parents, bought a kilogram of sausage, Ulyana Yegorovna reacted to the purchase disapprovingly: – There is also a sausage, why should she dry in the fridge? Eat the one that is.
When it is not – then we will think.

– But Alyona saw that the products are constantly being replenished a little, and Uliana Yegorovna responded to her weak protest quietly and absently, thinking of her own: – I found something to be sad about.
Consider, to her aunt came to visit.
Buy yourself some new clothes, shoes.
Or sandals, while there.
In the summer you will not find.
What are you eating something? One name.
My cat ate more.

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And where did he go, damned? – and with such surprise and question she looked at Alain, as if she had just realized that to whom, no matter how Alyona, and to know where the strolling cat had gone.
Uliana Egorovna shrugged her shoulders and straightened a white wool shawl that was thrown over a warm green sweater.
Got sick? – thought Alena, – it is warm in the apartment, and Uliana Egorovna is so warmly dressed she freezes.
“Let’s go, let’s go, tea is getting cold,” Uliana Egorovna quietly repeated and stepped up to the big room, but turned around and, as if waking up from dreams, asked anxiously: “Did you just have lunch?” Her eyes, gray-blue, now seemed greenish, not green, namely greenish, they were as if rinsed with green water, or late layers were erased and a layer of the previous pattern appeared.

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– True.
I dined, – said Alain, and added, – and recently.
– Well, then drink tea, – Uliana Egorovna sighed, as if she was upset that Alena was not hungry and tried to eat everything on the side, and did not eat at home.
– Have a snack a little, watch the TV, now the film begins.
But the books will not leave you anywhere, – and again she sighed softly.
– Already books – will not leave anywhere.
Alyona followed Ulyana Egorovna into the room, greeting the neighbor from the door, and the last syllable of greeting swallowed in surprise: she was sitting at the table directly opposite the door and looking at Alena the guy.
He was older than Alena, broad-shouldered and, probably, tall — even when sitting he was a head taller than Ulyana Yegorovna who sat down with him.
“Sit down, sit down,” repeated Uliana Egorovna.
– here, meet.
This is Egor, my son.
Here it is.
had arrived.
– and the voice of Ulyana Yegorovna faltered, and she hurriedly got up from the table.
It seemed to Alena that the hostess was about to cry again, and she was perplexedly watching her: the son arrived, and on Ulyana Yegorovna’s face there was no joy.
and she did not speak of her son, all of her daughter, and of her grandchildren.
And where did he come from? From the army? From a business trip? From another city on vacation? – Sit down, – said Yegor, who stood up, was to Alena in a velvety voice, deep – in a beautiful voice.
– Mom is back.
– He got up, pouring tea to Alena, broad-shouldered, not like the fragile Ulyana Egorovna brown-haired with brown eyes.
And he sat down, again looking at Alain, slightly bowing his head to the shoulder – well, poured erdelka.
Three years ago, the brother brought home a puppy: a dark muzzle, red cheekbones, little black eyes – sat on the carpet and looked at Allen, with his head on his shoulder, well, right this guy in his youth, and Alyna snorted and immediately lowered his guilt, as if the guy could read her thoughts and get offended, but Yegor quietly moved plates to Alena (and what was not on the table! Sex lesbian hidden cam.

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