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Ha, imagine what vidok would be in my lesson.
I don’t even need you to love me, it would be unbearably good for me to realize that you want me.
But for some reason, no one, I do not cause desire: It is even a bit strange.

I’m very pretty, advanced, sometimes even feminine.
I do not drink, do not swear.
Dima, do you hear me? I say I want you! Stop it already pretend, you son of a bitch, and fuck me in full !!!

Not expecting such agility from his wife, Roman also wound up.
– Of course I do not believe, I already see through you, and I know where you are telling the truth, and where you are lying fantastically.
Wow, she was almost raped on the threshold.
Yes, you yourself probably ass spit, as in front of me.
And when they stumbled on their pussy, they finished and no longer wanted.
Could undermine and go home, so no, you still counted on something.
And what you had, you never said to be in bed alone with a man without panties.
And if he attacked from the doorway, I won’t believe that I didn’t touch you all night long.
I immediately realized that you did not tell me everything, but I forgave and accepted you for who you are.
“But I can’t share you with anyone,” Lera shouted.
You should be mine and only mine.
– Your? You will have fun at picnics, wander around the apartments, and I have to wait and masturbate you like your Nikolai. Sex real life cam.

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