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Sex tape caught on camera. A letter to the messenger handed, In good luck blessed.
If only he knew That the messenger was like a devil.
And the messenger decided to eat a little on the road, He turned into a zucchini, He ordered a stopar.
At this time there three of us, With svat grandfather Babar, Both brothers sat, Woe was poured with grief, Envy seized my heart And seized reason, How is that? Their younger brother is pleased and rich.

– I am now the cutter, Well, and you – the dishwasher, Is there justice in the world? You to me, brother, pray tell.
-What about this talk? How much do you really want to poison? It is better to collect thoughts, How can we get even with the younger? Grandfather Babar then a voice filed, He pointed out to the messenger: – You have been given an advance payment by fate – He is your last chance!

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He holds the way to the queen, We need to shod him! You need to sing a little, Well, change the literacy, Let the queen read there, How her husband lives here.
The brothers took on the spirit here, They ordered another vodka, And then sat down at the messenger, And they went to have fun.
And the messenger is very pleased, He does not mind having a drink with them, Soon he firmly voiced And fell down under the bench.
Well, the brothers did not yawn, Immediately seized the letter, Labudoi was replaced And piled on the quiet.
And the messenger, when he woke up, quickly rushed into the path, He needs to hurry, To hand over the certificate.
As the queen read, A bit of a messenger did not tear to pieces: -In the ass fucking you hundred! What message did you bring to me ?! – There is something for her to get angry, Here’s the letter that says: “- You fucking slut, In vain left the house, Although it may not be in vain, I am now here for the king!

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I don’t miss you, Daughter how I should bring up, Well our daughter to know, What is her mother – fucking! You do not hurry home, And on quiet to fuck, And somewhere far away! I will make steep cool – I will put myself on the throne, And I will praise you, pussy! ” As she cooled down a little, So she fixed her answer, punished the Gonese severely, So that she handed the letter to the boyars, Had not given her husband a hand, And how the fish was silent!
Sex tape caught on camera.

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