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Her beautiful legs were covered with dark black stockings, and her eyes devoured the hollow between her large breasts, whose forms were so sweetly protruded, and looking at them pleasantly caught her breath, presenting her penis between them, lovely, but when will he touch them ?.
Thinking this way, they reached a taxi, and sat in the back seat, once again indulging in caresses.
God, how beautiful her hands are.

Here is the house, the sun, the entrance.
The rise, the door, the lock, the kiss, and here it is, the house, now they are two together.
Hands reach for her, he no longer has the strength to restrain himself.
But, moving away from him, he hears the words “I myself.”
God, now I see Her, flashed through my mind.
Gentle fingers took the black dress by the edge and, waving up, exposed the tummy and navel, stretching up tight breasts and large nipples.

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to restrain himself and, quietly saying “I want,” he touched the left nipple with his lips and pressed it to him.
She moaned sweet, and gently stroking the back, whispered “I want you,” feeling for her pants.
His hands helped in the search, and then, taking out a member of his, her lips pressed against him, a smile of bliss and sweet moan slid across his face.

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how beautiful are her lips, he, taking her head, began to stick her, as she did it sweetly, no, we must stop and she wants something completely different.
stopping to caress him, she got up and gestured to him in the kitchen, where, as if nothing had happened, she started a small talk, looking at him and noticing the gaze of the male person who was ready to tear her to pieces.
This conversation did not last long, under the pleasantly strongish-sweet taste of red wine, stopping the conversation, they went into the bedroom, where she told him “I want you, when will you start to fuck me?”
He did not need to repeat this twice.
Instantly knocking her down on the bed, he eagerly kissed her, began greedily lips looking for her big nipples, and squeezing her left breast, he began to suck her, she drove him crazy, she wanted to squeeze, bite and kiss her! Her hands stroked her back and continued to caress the member, driving him crazy and causing thoughts about one “rather, rather, the main thing now is not to stop!”.
Lips touched her belly, pubis.
as she was tasty, he got drunk from her smell, and telling her about it, he began to lick her.
Feeling how her slender legs, covered with fishnet stockings, squeeze his head, he stuck his tongue deeper and stronger.
God, how it excites him.
And so, tearing his lips from hers, he rose higher and penetrated into her with one jerk, covering his mouth with his hand so as not to hear her scream.
That’s all, he is no longer interested in anything: he is now a male, having uttered a moan-roar, he leaned on her, began to walk in her and tear her apart, feeling how her flesh is excited. Sex videos hd online watch.

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