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Mom and daughter exchanged looks and laughed.
“Come on! I bet you both will like what you will look like in the pictures!” They thought – and I took a few more shots of sexy blondes.
“Okay, I think it will be fun,” Aunt Lena finally said, “shall we get up?” Nodding, I took some pictures of the women standing.

“Stand closer to each other: mmm: maybe cheek to cheek looking at the camera?” Giggling, the ladies agreed, huddling together with luxurious melons.
“Lord, you are so beautiful!” exclaimed Sasha, trying to hide an erection.
Mom and daughter laughed even more, so I decided to increase the pressure.
“Ol, please put your hands on: mmm: mother’s ass !? It will be so exciting!” Olga did not hesitate to execute the command, prompting a sigh from the mother and a moan from my and Sasha’s side.
“Aunt Lena, please do the same,” I asked, hardly breathing.
“Like this?” the aunt asked, squeezing her daughter’s buttocks with manicured fingers and forcing Olga to scream in surprise.
Soon the screech turned into laughter.
“Yes, great.
Now, both lie on

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your back with your hands behind your head. ”
Women, smiling, followed the instructions.

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“Now, turn on your stomach.”
They again followed the instructions.
I frantically shot.
“Now it’s hot! You have gorgeous ass,” said Sashka, causing a wave of female laughter.
“It’s nice, boys, you like it,” Aunt Lena replied in a hot, low voice, making my heart beat.
“So, now, please stand up together on all fours and look back over your shoulder at the camera,” with a look at each other, the women slowly did what was required.
Near the pool on all fours stood two luxurious blondes – a mother and a daughter, posing in front of me and my friend.
“Stunningly!” I breathed.
“You have nice swimsuits,” Sasha said, “but I bet you would look much more seductive in lingerie!” “Exactly! Let’s try in underwear !? I promise that these pictures will remain only: for us.
Please! “I wasn’t sure how badly the demon of lust climbed into them, but still standing on all fours, the ladies smiled sweetly at me, and Aunt Lena said.
“of course, give us a few minutes – and come up to our bedroom” “I could not believe my ears, dumbfounded looking at the luxurious bitches going to the house.
All that could say Sasha.
“Fuck, how lucky we are!”
It was difficult not to notice.
Sonya did not conceal the movements of her hand, and the coat opened from the bottom did not leave any room for imagination – everything was open, everything could be seen from the first row so to speak.
Sonya looked at the young couple.
She simply devoured them with her eyes, stripped them in plain sight.
The girl on the other platform was a little embarrassed and looked away for a few seconds.
I wanted to be distracted, try to “ignore” this, looked at my boyfriend, about to say something to him, and saw his gaze fixed on the girls. Sexy latex models.

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