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Well, we will assume that the “trikel”.
Or even Trikel.
I need to call him somehow.

Let it be Trikel.
He will not mind.
He, I think, does not know what names are.
In my fantasies, there, on Earth, I called this guy differently, depending on my mood.
Now, however, this random combination of sounds seemed to me most suitable for him.
The newcomer rose, and my breath caught from how unbearably beautiful he was.
It is somehow difficult to imagine how much the sense of beauty is enhanced when you “consider” not a speculative disembodied fantasy, but a real person who is two steps away from you.
His perfection was so real, so real, so much: I don’t know how to describe: In general, it was as if I was hit on the head with a sledgehammer.
I stood without a single thought in my head, stunned by the sexual call flowing from Trikel.
The sex appeal of the guy was almost material, it seemed to be hanging around him in a dense, crying cloud.
I was ashamed to look at Trikela directly, but out of the corner of my eye I caught any glimpse of his naked figure, thin tiles of the pectoral muscles, nipples, flat stomach, long slender legs, and an erect penis dangling from a neat scrotum.
How all this was attractive! How beautiful! In order to somehow get away from the madness that rolled around me, I stuck a synthesizer back into the sucker.
I checked the radio – what if? No, the satellite did not turn from its orbit, and there was no connection.
He remembered the camera and turned to Trikela.
– You do not mind? – I asked, carefully looking away. Sexy legs webcam.

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