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Filled cum my mouth, my throat.
And I swallowed.
Swallowed so greedily as a traveler swallows cold water from a spring.

The spring of my husband for a long time could not dry out and I began to fear that there would be absolutely nothing left for my ass, which did not find a place for itself all the time, until my mouth drank greedily this wonderful sweetness.
In my body, it seems, there was a struggle between mouth and ass for the next member of the beloved and the host.
But they both were wrong.
Neither she, nor he, nor I decided anything here.
Only Sergey decided everything.
The husband at that time was like in oblivion.
Closing his eyes, he silently waited, as in a trance, when, as always, I would lick off the remnants of sperm from a member and not forget a little of it, also, as always, if I did him only blowjob, put on the entrance to my ass.

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So that she was not too upset that this time she did not get a pleasant drink.
Gathering his strength and opening his eyes, my husband ordered me to kneel on the bed.
Go so to the wall at the head, raise your hands up and cross them against the wall.
I knew what was waiting for me.
There, a meter above the bed, there was a special ring to which I tied my wife when I was having sex with her.
Now Sergey tied my hands and ordered me to wait.
I waited.
And he went to smoke in the kitchen.
Although I could not see what he was doing, I knew.
He smoked, and his hand was on the again excited member.
I myself would be excited by the kind that I represented now.
Tall girl in gorgeous linen chained to the wall.
And besides, all involuntarily twists and wags her ass from lust and the realization that already here is a neat, not the biggest but most desired member will enter her ass and bring to the most frantic orgasm in her life.

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But Sergey was waiting.
He liked to watch as I almost went crazy with lust and was ready to ass-planted on anything, if only something entered into me.
He stood and watched.
And his hand was on the penis and masturbated him.
Did what I was so long forbidden.
But I didn’t care.
For a long time I did not care about the pleasures of my cock.
Today I am a wife, lover and slave.
And My Husband, the lover and the owner, is about to approach his girl and enter her.
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