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The rest of the boys, giggling, watched as their three friends fucked mom in pussy, in mouth and between titeks.
Dimka suddenly twitched – and, pulling out a member, shot cum on the face of the mother.
Immediately behind him, they shot out and pasha with Misha, splashing pubis, chest and neck with sperm.

When all five had finished in or on the mother, the cops stopped the fun and brought the boys to the hall.
Mashkov unzipped his mother’s handcuffs, gave her clothes and a couple of empty bottles.
Mom slowly raised herself and sat on the table, being in prostration.
The underwear was gone, but her shirt, skirt, and shoes came back and lay on the table.
I watched her dress, shaking her tits.
Ink marks from her fingers spread all over her body, most of all on her breasts, perineum and buttocks.
The cops pushed me into the hall, to the rest of the boys.
Kurdyumov with Smirnov returned the bags to us.
In each bag was on video tape without an inscription.
Fuck !!! Kurdyumov promised to make an entry.
But did he give it to everyone !? Mom slowly walked out into the hall.
Her hair turned into a hodgepodge, stuck together with sperm, also, the sperm was on the chest, neck, face, running down the thighs.
Under the shirt was clearly visible lack of a bra.
The boys admired prominent from under the shirts and breasts protruding nipples.

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Taking my purse, my mother opened the door, we silently followed her.
Having found the minibus, we climbed inside, and in full silence we went home.
First out of the car, Paul.
Before opening the door for him, Mom turned to us.
“today was nothing!”
“Good idea,” Catherine replied, not knowing that I was going to teach her a lesson, setting the bitch a good lesson.
“Wow!” , she added, when she saw my fat cock, “what a fat one!”.
Kneeling down, she began to lick him, rubbing her clit with her finger.
Then, spreading her lips wide, she took my head into her fucking mouth.
It was cool! I looked at my mother with Sasha – they were lying in the 69 position, the mother was upstairs, sitting deep on the cock of her friend’s son.
Catherine began to suck harder, taking more into her mouth.
After a few seconds, I realized that this aged fucking had a true talent for blowjob.
She sucked better than my mother.
I began to slowly fuck Sashkin’s mother in her mouth, holding her hair, and with every movement, shoving her cock deeper.
But she only moaned with excitement.
I was already fucking her in the mouth, shoving a dick to the very throat, forcing me to choke and spit – but for

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a moment escaping from my grip, Sashkina’s mother was hoarse.
“Yes, like this – fuck me in the mouth like a whore!”
Her words sounded like music to me – and the penis again rested on its glands.
Then I got to my feet and deeply kissed a woman, whom I had jerked off from an early age, and whom I could fuck now – in front of her son and his own mother! Interrupting the kiss, I turned her face to Sasha and my mother, intertwined in position 69.
“Oh, Pebble, bitch – suck my baby’s cock, suck, slut,” said Sashkin’s mother, bending down.
Mom broke away from Sasha’s dick, and, looking back, kissed Catherine.
Now, Catherine took a son’s dick in her mouth, swallowed it completely for a second, before returning it to my mother again. Student webcam sex.

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