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Her weighty member swayed to the rhythm of her rapid movements, and heavy eggs slapped on legs covered in beautiful stockings.
It was very beautiful, graceful, erotic and exciting.
In the end, breathless Alyonushka, spinning in a dance and laughing, fell on a fresh bed and dodged her face into her, and her beautiful hair with a fluffy waterfall hid her shoulders and bent arms.

The ass was appetizingly sticking up and the anal ball, which did not enter it, glistened.
I slowly finished my dinner, put everything away and returned to my ballerina.
The girl managed to fall asleep, and looked just charming.
My dick stood like a stake in anticipation of what would be now.
I stripped naked and attached myself to Alyonka’s ass.
He began to stroke his delicate ass, and pull his finger over the ring of the chain of anal balls.

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Alyonushka woke up.
– So good, go on, honey.
– Pull out the ass higher.
Alenka raised her ass higher, resting her knees, and her face buried in bed and looking at me, and her hands spread her cheeks of her ass wider.
Her trunk began to swell before our eyes.
I pulled harder for the ring and one ball popped out of the girl’s anus, glistening with grease.
The rest were smaller in diameter and gradually stretched one after another.
Schoolgirl ass was covered and so beckoned to her.
I slapped the girl on her dick, she started.
– You have such a nice ass! – I said, loudly slapping on both halves of the ass.
– Mmmm.
Honey, what are you doing? – Alyonushka, you are my sweet little princess.
I want to fuck your ass.
Do you want to feel my dick in the ass instead of these balls? – Yes.

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Do you fuck me in the ass? I gave her to lick anal balls, which she languidly rolled in her mouth, closing her eyes with pleasure.
I began to slap her ass, excited dangling hanging.
Alyonka finished off with slaps, and the dick began to lower the sperm right into the little white sock.
He soaked through and from the load of the lowering began to crawl from his penis.
“You are a little dirty whore,” I said, and sent the dick standing at her tender anus.
Alenka stretched her ass and my dick slowly slid into her ass.
– Ahhhh.
So good
I always wanted to fuck me in the ass.
Please do it.
Alenka let go of her buns and leaned on her elbows.
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