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You lay on your back, and I pulled your ass even closer to my face.
Now I could reach another hole.
Slightly spreading the buttocks, I began to lick his edges, hold him up and down.

Pushing harder, I plunged my tongue inside and walked in as long as I could.

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It was an incomparable sensation.
Now the fingers took the place of the tongue, gently entering both holes.
Having lingered for a moment, I began to slowly move them, going out, plunging inward.
Gradually, I accelerated the rhythm of movement and the depth of penetration.
I heard you breathing, and felt how your heartbeat passed to my body.
It lasted for a long time, sometimes my tongue joined my hands, licking the expiring juices, which became more and more abundant.
I could no longer hold back.
Yanochka, I want you.
I want you too.
Get up a little.
You raised up and sat on my chest.
Then, helping yourself with your arms and legs, you slid down, closer to my legs.
You raised your ass, and with one hand pushing your lower lips, and the second directing my body, you literally planted yourself on him.
And you and I both groan from afar.
It was bliss, to feel the warmth of your body from the inside.
Having come to your senses a little, you started to move your ass rhythmically, which brought pleasure to both you and me.

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Now up, then down, then side to side, then back and forth.
My hands, meanwhile, examined your body, managing to visit all its corners, and when you leaned forward, my finger managed to sink into your ass.
In this position, my breasts were accessible to your breasts, quite swollen and appetizing hanging over me when you bent over.
We lost track of time.
We forgot where we are.
We were on top of bliss and enjoyed each other, giving free rein to our fantasies.
When, finally, the statute you stopped your movements, I laid you on your back, spread your legs and re-entered you.
Now I moved, accelerating it, slowing down the pace, stopping occasionally and kissing your breasts, neck.
My hands again slid over your body.
Only our moans were heard in the room.
Again, I felt that I was reaching the final, but so far I did not want to do this.
I wanted to give you even more pleasure, although in your view it was possible to discern that even more pleasure is already beyond the limits of fiction.
I came out of you and slightly moved away, admiring you, stroking your hips.
Want more? You nodded.
Then turn on your stomach and get on all fours.
So good.
Now lay your head on the pillow and put your hands along the body, and let your legs stay that way.
Giving myself a little calm down, I started kissing your ass, rubbing my tongue between the buttocks and your pussy.
Having joined in from behind, I entered you, clasping you by the hips, and pulled you closer to me.
I entered you at full length.
Stopping for a moment, I began to move everything in you, accelerating and accelerating.
Your moans began to grow louder and louder, sometimes shifting to screaming.
I myself did not yield to it in the least.
Now I could not control myself.
I kept moving and moving, clasping you from behind.
Slaps joined our moans, this sound was made when you hit your ass and my hips. Watch live masturbation.

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