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I give 1000 rubles.
She takes the bill, checks through the ultraviolet, and the two of us see the inscription on the paper “Bribe”.
This inscription is made for the operational development of the Ministry of Internal Affairs during the operation “Clean Hands”.

I turned white, realizing what had happened.
She is sitting, smiling a little, looking at me: “Well, sweetie, do we call the police?” “Don’t! I don’t know where this piece of paper comes from! ”“ You’ll tell them! ”“ Don’t! ”“ Of course, they won’t understand! they still hang on you so much there! Sorry for such a boy, disfigure because.
raped in prison ”“ Don’t! please! ”, the sweet boy began to cry for fear.
“You’ll work and we’ll assume that there was nothing” “Okay,” I said in a shaking voice, a quivering sheep, “Taa-a-anka!”, The cashier shouted, “change me.” She took me somewhere to the back room, we closed in a small room. Watch online sex video clips.

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