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I reached out and kissed my mother’s thigh and began to move higher until I reached her lips.
– Honey, not now.
I’m all broken.

Have mercy
I know you want more, but let’s get it done for today.
– asked mom.
– Of course, my love! – I said and

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stroked her thigh.
Lena lay with her eyes closed on the other side and moving aside the strapon caressed her clit.
I decided to help her.
Pulling myself up on my arms and healthy leg to her crotch, I unfastened the straps and took off the strapon, and then leaned down and began to kiss her thighs, approaching her crack.
Lena continued to caress herself.
Then suddenly she put her hand on my head and pulled her pussy.
I gently began to lick her lips, and then completely switched to the clitoris.
I sucked him, pulling his lips and tongue, licked from top to bottom and vice versa.
Lena put her second hand on my head and began to raise her hips to meet me and fuck me with her pussy in my mouth.
Slightly descending, I penetrated my tongue into Lena’s wet vagina and began to lick it, and then returned to the clitoris.
Mama lay beside us and watched us.
– Umnichka, Andrew! So.
Liza Lenochku.
Lick her baby girl.
Eat her
– commented mom.
I increased the pace.
My tongue broke all speed records and Lena arched over the bed and slammed my face into her crotch and shook and groaned.

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Then she stilled sharply and began to twitch in convulsions of an orgasm, squeezing my legs and holding my head with my hips.
The power was not trusting.
I thought that I was finished.
Either head will turn or strangle.
But Lena also sharply spread her hips and abruptly pushed me away with her hand and turned away to the side.
I looked at her in bewilderment.
Mom noticed my confusion and, moving up, said in her ear: – Do not be offended.
She always ends up.
She is grateful to you.
Not often she ends up.
She really liked it.
Understand and accept it.
But do not forget, it is only mine! – said mom and winked at me.
“Okay, I’m going to sleep,” I answered in a whisper, and taking the crutches I went to my room.
Everything was amazing.
I got what I wanted.
The wife is sexy and trouble-free in bed.
True, the previous betrayals did not recognize, but now at least she did not deny her fucking behavior.
Not shy, pussy often showed, willingly spreading her legs.
I was not offended by rude words.
She told herself how to fuck.
But more and more he caught himself thinking that the feeling of jealousy from those of her secret betrayals was not dulled.
Do not forget.
And now I did not know how to react.
On the one hand, I was jealous when she was fucked, on the other hand, he himself dreamed of her treason, he let go to the other, caressed and fucked such.
But the process has begun.
I could not change anything, and did not want to change.
Do not return again to the mute cohabitation.
I calmed myself.
After all, fucked earlier, when I did not know about it.
It is a fact.
All fuck.
This is also a fact.
I did not give less, only more.
Sex is useful.
Just enjoyed being the center of attention.
Lover seems to need sex too, but it does not matter.
As she said, my caresses with her are pleasant afterwards.
I poked her pride.
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