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I touch her feet.
Of course they are cold! But still not frozen and very elastic.
I’m going to get up, and here she says: And now lift my legs.

A bit like hands.
We are slowly moving forward.
I stare at my bare back and bulges, barely covered in a red patch.
There is a snowdrift in front of us, and I ask: Everything, come? Or a reversal? What a reversal? We go further.
I take a few more steps forward.
Then she bends her knees and slips out of my hands right into the deep snow.
Wow! She lies on her stomach, dangling her legs in the air and raking the snow with her hands.
Then he turns over on his back, presses his knees and quickly gets up.
I look at her beautiful body and touch her: you are my Snow Maiden.
Today is Saturday.
Lena has disappeared somewhere.
and here she is, easy to speak, comes into the room.
She is wearing the same bright red swimsuit.
At the same time, we say: Hello, we walk towards and embrace each other.
After standing so little, she says: Today we have the opposite.
Yesterday you threw snow

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, and then waited for me to get out of bed.
Today I was the first to get up, leave the house.
and cooked something too.
Look over there! I look out the window.
Where we did exercises yesterday, is my travel mat.
I already forgot that I once brought him to the cottage.
Lena found this rug and pulled it out into the yard.
but why? I do not have time to ask the question how she continues: Yes, and more.
Yesterday you dressed yourself, but today I want to choose a tracksuit for you.

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You dont mind? With you do not get bored! Yes, I have only one here, there is nothing to choose from.
Okay, I agree.
I wonder what you got.
Lena gives me sports pants and then a T-shirt.
I dress and see her squatting and starting to roll up her legs.
What would it mean? Rising, she says: Done! Now you can and charging.
Do you think it will be more beautiful? It is more comfortable.
Well, let’s go.
Without a jacket? Yes of course.
We are not in the Arctic.
I walk a few steps down the hall and stop at the hanger.
She asks, puzzled: What are you doing ?.
Here are my sneakers, now I love it.
What for? You will do exercises, standing on the mat.
Come on, let’s go barefoot.
Over the snow? I’m not so seasoned.
Of course, not so.
For now, she smiles.
I open the door to the porch.
Oh, cold! Yesterday I was undressing after charging, and if so, in one T-shirt right on the street.
I walk down the cold steps.
Now run! Reaching the rug, I stop.
Lena stands in front and looks in my direction.
Well, like the snow liked? Yep
I did not expect that I am capable of it.
Only I am cold now.
T-shirt – this is not really winter clothes.
The swimsuit is also not quite winter.
Nothing, keep warm.
Start charging! Having done a few exercises, I already feel how it has become warmer.
Lena looks at me and asks: Are you warming up? Well, in general, yes.
Why? Then take off your clothes.
above the belt.
T-shirt falls on the mat.
Lena comes up to me, holding loose snow in both hands.
And now cold massage.
Oh! She starts to rub me with snow, touching on all sides.
The body becomes wet, drops of water roll down the stomach.
A slight breeze makes you shiver.
Maybe enough for today? Lena is standing right in front of me, touching my shoulders.
Now you dry out, not for long.
We haven’t finished the exercises yet.
She runs off a few steps, turns to me and spreads her arms to the sides.
Makes a sharp wave in front of him, then another and another.
I repeat her movements and get warm again.
My hands get a little tired, and I drop them down.
Lena also ceases to wave his hands, and throws them over his head, putting his chest forward. Webcam sex in public.

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