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The house is three floors (plus – attic) at the peak of the hill, from the foot of which the forest spreads thick.
Alexey was sitting half-naked as the ghouls dragged him in jeans and sneakers.
The exit from the basement is free, but it is determined to sleep here.

Lera is lying nearby, so he stayed, waited for his awakening.
Yesterday, a ghoul dragged her to the night, sleeping.
The desire to wake up with questions about the news bordered with the fear of answering about the place where they were, whom they could only answer as they were at home.
Forest explore attempts showed observation ghouls for the ward.
They rarely appeared in the house.
In case of emergency, they did the work, quietly dumped them.
The hostess guy did not meet.
Lera came out, closing her eyes from the bright rays, clutching at the parapet, her lungs filled with air, which was saturated with the fragrance of flowers and burnt grass.
A glance slid down the hill, through the meadows of lush grass, all the way to the forest wall.
– And do not require anything? The girl asked.
Alexey came out of the house, leaning on the railing next to his classmate, replied: – I told you – no.
I generally only saw ghouls, a couple of times a day.
Food bring.
– Interesting.
– Interesting is another.
– stretched the guy – why did she take you? – And you? – with a call asked Lera.
– Me?
– Asked Lesha, to the face flowed paint, squeezed out through force: – I liked how I lick.
The girl turned away from him, bit her lip, her fingers drummed on the railing, she admitted: – Apparently, me too. Webcam young schoolgirl nude.

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