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Olya carried two large bags in her hands.
The girl took from her pocket an incomprehensible list and slowly walked with bags along the aisle, handing out clothes to the children.
As Kolya expected, the clothes turned out to be of two types.

Those who were in the nursery group, Olya gave the sliders, and the “older” – tights.
Maxim, the nursery group, – said Olya to Kolina’s neighbor, giving him sliders with a T-shirt.
The boy immediately began to dress.
Kohl, – passed the nurse to Kohl, – Now let’s see where you are.
In the eldest.
Here are your tights with a T-shirt.
Kohl took the clothes handed to him and began to dress quickly.
After a couple of minutes, everyone was already dressed.
Ksyusha gathered all the children in the sliders and led them to the nursery group, and Masha built up her own rank and led the boys to the hall of the older group. Xvideos lesbian webcam.

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