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At one time he was in charge of one of the foreign intelligence units, although I don’t know how she came to him.
But it doesn’t matter, I’ll soon learn more about Olga in more detail, maybe I’ll be able to find out something about Catherine.
I wonder how detectives have learned so much about Olga? Lena, please give me the phone of this agency, I want to talk with them in more detail.

Lena gave Boris Mikhailovich the phone of a detective.
They sat for a little while more, ate, agreed to meet the next day, and went home.
The next day they met again, Boris Mikhailovich, told the girls what he had learned.
He phoned the head of the detective agency and arranged to meet him.
From him, he learned how, detectives could, so quickly get information about Olga.
It turns out that this was not so difficult.
At the address you gave him, he punched the owner in various databases, and easily found out that she was the owner of the company, but then copied it to a dummy, I think she did it when she decided to buy Katina’s company.
He also told why he could not immediately find out who leads the game against them.
Everything was so much secret that it was almost impossible to get close to them

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If then I knew who was behind all this, I could have prevented the sale of our company.
“There is good news, I paid for the work of the detectives, asked them to remove the observation from Olga’s house, and took control of it, my people would be better at it, they are more professional.
I hope that in the coming days, maybe I will get any information about Catherine.

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-All right, everything suits us.
How much did you pay detectives? And how much should we pay you for your work? -Girls you offend me, will I really take money for helping Ekaterina Alekseevna, the more she paid me a very good salary and helped money more than once, and also took a job when I had very difficult times.
So that at the expense of money, I no longer heard anything from you.
-We understood, we will not return to this topic.
Boris, when will the results? -I think that in the near future, I will already have some information.
As soon as I learn something, I’ll call you right away.
-Then we will not delay you anymore, will wait for a call from you.
They said goodbye and went their separate ways.
The beginning of spring, always marked by an increase in the hormones in the blood, for every member of humanity, whether man or woman.
Not spared this share and me.
By the way, my name is Maxim.
At the age of 20 many people already think about family and children, girls jump out of marriage, guys get married.
And I, in turn, thought about something else, about my future work, career, etc.
Of course, I also wanted to find my soul mate deep down, but I had some confusion on this issue.
Studying in the third year of university, I tried not to stare at the virgin shek, who studied with me, believing that this would only reduce my work ability, and it would be possible to forget about my studies.
But still, I did not always succeed, and I saw which girls study with me in a group.
I don’t single out one of them, you won’t believe, but she wasn’t “abstruse” as an ordinary girl, although she didn’t call her, she, the daughter of one of the biggest businessmen of our city, she can’t immediately think. her name is Lena.
Looking at her, I did not think that, for example, to marry her and live with her like cheese in butter, no, she just really was a very attractive girl and I really liked.
There were always a lot of girlfriends around her;
You will not believe if I say that only one of me, from our group, made no attempts to ring up her.
I was not a “bespectacled person”, a “nerd” and the like, an ordinary average person with slightly above average developed intelligence.
But I simply have a powerful sense of purpose towards solving the problems I have set, and I was very happy about this. Young naked on webcam.

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