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Yesterday the spouse was discharged from the hospital, like nothing threatens her life, the only thing about which sex in the classical sense can not even talk about anything until she heals.

But for me it is not so important as from me and my member (10 cm.
in the maximally standing position) the wife was never delighted and besides, considering that he shoots right after two or three recharges.
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The main thing for me is that it should be only mine and only with me.
I hope that this whole nightmare, described in my previous story “Reviews on the Internet for my wife – whore”, remained in the past life.
Today, the meeting in the Government House ended unexpectedly quickly, and I was rushing at full speed to my beloved wife, I wanted to please her with the newly acquired real estate in Florida, where we are going on vacation this summer, where she will finally have to improve her health.
Driving up to the house past the janitor, I noticed that the Tajik janitor stands between garbage cans with a detached face, his eyes bulging, his mouth ajar and often breathing, swaying slightly.
I thought, here is a poor fellow, what year lives here far from the homeland, from the wife, apparently so fidgety that he is already jerking on the street near the garbage cans.
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This lady was my beloved spouse and life partner.
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