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The frightened guy was alert, but the female smiled imposingly and began to pull off her dress.
When, finally, she succeeded, she appeared before him completely naked – the priestess did not recognize sex underwear.
Having risen from the couch with difficulty, she straightened herself in front of the boy in all her pregnant beauty, clasping and stroking the strongly protruding belly with both hands.

She turned to the sides, showing her pregnant belly from different angles, caressed her ass, occasionally squeezing her so that her long nails mercilessly stuck into the flesh.
Then she again stroked the belly, played with a standing breast, while filling with colostrum and splashing the guy’s face with it.
At times she was strongly inclined backwards, not only under the weight of the burden, but also the amount of alcohol consumed.
Apparently, she did not think that she was drunk enough, because the girl walked unsteadily to the table with a drink.
– You pour? – She turned to the reddened guy.
– Not.
I will gladly drink with you later.
Come to me.
Salno smile, drunk girl, swaying, hurried to the male, taking with her an opened bottle.
Reaching the edge of the sofa, she, sticking to the belly, sexually pressed her lips to the throat of the bottle, made a rather impressive sip of it and stroked her belly.
The guy did not waste

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time and took the opportunity to shove her finger into the vagina, which before because of the size of the belly of a friend could not get.

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The girl smiled drunkenly and swayed, leaning back threateningly.
His belly shot sharply forward, running into the lips of the guy who passionately licked him.
Pregnant laughed and again poured to the bottle.
The guy continued to caress pussy.
With fingertips, he rotationally stroked her hole, periodically shoving a finger deep into it, from which the girl screamed, starting to heavily stroke her belly.
Alcohol did its job: and previously drunk, a pregnant lady severely broke off under the caress of a guy, alternating them with sips from a bottle.
She could barely stand, her belly sticking out, her arms spread limply, one of which contained an almost empty bottle.
The girl was moaning to the beat of the guy’s hand fucking.
The fingers of the guy were wet from the abundant lubrication of the overexcited pussy.
“I can’t do everything,” she barely said, “I want to cum from your dick.”
With these words, she slowly leaned forward and, clutching at the edge of the sofa, put the bottle on the floor.
She turned out to be much more difficult.
Grabbing the edge of the sofa with her second hand, she managed to sit up somehow.
Her belly pressed into her legs, and she could not hold herself in that position.
A pregnant girl fell on her back on the armrest opposite of the guy.
A huge pregnant belly soared upward, not giving its owner a chance to return to the upright position.
The guy was overwhelmed with such a convenient posture, in which a very drunk pregnant girl found herself.
He lifted one leg of a drunken girlfriend on a sofa, leaving the other on the floor.
The entrance to the cherished womb was open.
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She wanted to implant herself on a healthy member of her friend.
But, alas, having gone through a lot, she completely deprived herself of such an opportunity.
The guy, meanwhile, with a sticking, shuddering dick was approaching her current hole.
Approaching so that the wet head came into contact with the inlet of its bosom, the guy in a businesslike way had threatenedly raising his stomach, then, pulling up her legs, brought her closer to him. Young teen masturbate webcam.

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