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He jumped until the bottle cracked and the last death convulsions shook the girl.
From this spectacle, the guard who shot the murder began to vomit directly at Larisa’s body.
Ramen grabbed a knife and began to carefully cut the girl’s genitals.

He cut out everything and carefully folded it in a plastic bag.
After 5 minutes, the kamikaze courier was already rushing to the general along the highway, carrying a terrible package.
After another 5 minutes, the artillery covered with heavy fire the house and shed where the murder occurred.
Ramon’s conversation with the general was intercepted by special services, who, not understanding the essence of the question, decided that the square should just be erased to hell: Chapter 4 The general with trembling hands opened the bag and dumped the contents on the table.
What he saw dimmed his mind; With difficulty figuring out what he was doing, he picked up the service pistol and: 15 minutes after the suicide of the general, he received a secret fax message: “In the absence of a real threat of militants attacking the Federal forces in the Gudermes region, he was ordered to remove all checkpoints in the city and adjacent to it settlements.
Order to accept for execution immediately.

It happened a long time ago.
Dasha by that time was already an attractive high school girl with impressive breasts and immensely beautiful round booty.
Her rather dark skin and characteristic face betrayed the corresponding national identity to the “people of the Book.”

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But, despite its attractiveness, then Dasha was just beginning to make efforts to attract the attention of the opposite sex.
Now Dasha is already pumping school, having an impressive experience of sexual adventures.
But this is not the most important thing, why her adventures deserve so close attention.
Much more interesting is that, ironically, Dasha’s ass had sometimes to be responsible for her disobedience in very juicy situations.
And the first such case turned out to be exactly at the end of the school year.
Then we, several people, at the invitation of Dashka agreed to go to her home after class on the last day of the school year and discuss a year off with a cup of tea and share plans for the summer with each other.
Dasha lived a twenty minute walk from the school on the twelfth floor.
While we, as part of five or six people, were moving in the wrong direction, Dasha decided to share with us rather internal information about their family.
Since I had been friends with Dashin’s brother Denis for a long time and knew all this, these details were boring for me.
Dashkina’s mother, a tall and strong woman, had many lovers and often changed them.
Dashka’s father knew about this, but preferred to keep quiet with the goal of not destroying the family.
Here he was a Jew.
But I knew about the other.
Since I was well acquainted with Dasha, she told me that she liked the very last lover of her mother and she herself was not averse to flirting with him.
In general, he didn’t like this idea very much, and when lustful Dasha took off her pants, she put it out with promises to tell everything to her mom when she returned from a business trip.
This event was expected in two days, and Dasha did not know what to expect from him.
We stayed at Dasha’s house not for long, when the front door of her apartment began to emit characteristic sounds.
This is the mother of Dashka and Denis, who went on a picnic with his class parallel to ours, returned from a business trip, for

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