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I remember that when Vitek fought a woman, leaning on top, and Lech, lying next to her, was tearing her boobs, then she was already parting and lifting up her long legs, sweeping and groaning at the whole room.
We did not think about condoms, or possible pregnancy, and after Vitek had let her in, his place was immediately occupied by Leha, who was easily a sliding member in a wet female vagina.
The events of that night could not leave indifferent even the old, sick impotent, and even young, healthy students, who had grasped a beautiful, mature meat, could not be said; we all had an erection again and again.

We put Helen on all fours, and then alternately fucked the dog, slapping the fleshy, elastic buttocks, shaking like jelly of brawn, simultaneously forcing to suck and caress the eggs, whose turn it was to insert into her mouth.
We passed each other an iPhone, shooting on video, every moment of animal intercourse, in all angles and poses, and Elena, tormented by three pairs of hands and three young members, did not even notice it.
That night was a long one, and I somehow passed out unexpectedly, practically in the process, right on Elena’s bed, next to her and my friends, jaded, drunk and completely happy.
Banal rest began to develop for me in a completely new, hitherto unaccustomed scenario.
How did this crush torture me! Here, again, I got on the train in the midst of the pilgrimage of the people to work and could not even breathe properly.
And why? Because I decided to leave the house early and hit the very stream.
More precisely

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, not into the stream, but into an endless stream of bodies, which completely crushed me.
It all started with the fact that the mechanic who was supposed to install my Fitu new silencer, suddenly fell ill and went to the hospital.
Since this muffler is special, and the work has already begun, I had to leave the car with him and become a pedestrian again.

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For a while, but not for one day – for sure.
We had to be late.
Then it would definitely be more free.
Damn school habit did not let me go even at this age.
I worked for myself and could start working even in the evening, but still flew to the office, feeling that I was late.
Yeah, to work, where the boss is me.
It would be nice any adventure instead of these gray days.
The next station is the Green Channel, – announced a voice in the dynamics, moved to the people.
How they piled on me! And this one behind me will crush me now! What will happen next? Oh.
I think I feel something.
Now I suddenly realized that this one from behind pressed against me even more than it should have.
Something rested right on my ass.
Something oblong and thick as a hose.
Heck! This is a member! Cool.
And what to do now? Shout out? I stood and felt like a member swells and all the harder falls between my buttocks.
Damn, here’s an adventure.
I stood through the skirt and panties felt him.
The carriage was swaying, people were jostling, and he was fidgeting about me.
I am confused.
We need to do something while others have not noticed.
I think I like it.
Although, I myself could not understand this.
On the one hand, it was not in itself, and the fact itself did not please.
But on the other.
My heart beat faster and faster from the realization that I could not even move, the feeling of helplessness that they pressed against me, and I stood, feeling this member.
He began to rub more actively.
It seems that he understood my condition and became bolder, knowing that I would not do anything.
Why do I like it so much? I wonder is he in pants? I wish I could see him.
Suddenly, I felt a creak.
It felt the ass.
And then – an unexpectedly hot feeling.
Probably he is also sticky.
Now I knew for sure that it was he who unzipped the zipper and now the naked and swollen member was lying on my skirt.
I must have blushed, my face was burning.
Hot member is now rubbing between my buttocks, and I didn’t even try to do anything.
I liked it, and I just stood, allowing me to do it with me.
I was in the midst of pleasure when I felt that he put his hand on my chest.
Caress me gently, I like it.
So glad.
He seemed to play with me, then he crushed his chest, then pinched her.
Still the second.
BUT? I opened my eyes and saw that it was not his hand! The horror paralyzed me – they saw me! Now some other pervert decided to touch me! We must escape from here! I tried to move, but I couldn’t.
Damn, I’m trapped.
There was a dick behind, someone’s hand in front.
I couldn’t even lift my head.
I was ashamed, and I did not find the courage to see who it is. Best sex ever tv series watch online.

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