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Fifth grade.

Again everything is clear and real.
Winter we are going to shower in the backyard.
The boys stripped to the goal right in the classroom and go out into the corridor in some shales.
Girls are locked up and change into swimsuits.
The teacher builds us in pairs a boy – a girl.
Some girls hold boys for pussies.
We are drenched in water, rubbed with snow and return to school.
Tenth grade.
Physical education class.
After running on skis through the woods, we approach the lake, there is a hole.
Girls under sports uniforms in swimsuits, guys strip naked.
Quickly plunge into the hole, rub with towels, dress and ski back.
Swimming Section.
After training guys and girls go to the steam room.
Girls in bathing suits, guys are naked.
Having warmed up with the whole crowd, we run into a snowdrift, wallow, rub and return to the steam room.
I, Julia, Dick and Jane celebrate Baptism in the country.
At midnight, the girls change into special shirts, Dick and I both were, and remained naked.
We are going to plunge into the hole.
I’m forty years old, I’m married, I have a daughter and a son.
We live in a cottage.
Every morning, charging and pouring cold water on the street.
Daughter and wife in bathing suits my son and I are naked.
I am 70 years old.
We pour cold water in a large group: grandmothers, grandfathers, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.
Female persons in bathing suits, male persons naked.
In the morning we had breakfast on board the yacht.
As usual, the girls in bathing suits are naked. Blonde lesbian webcam.

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