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Then when I realized that she was about to finish, I stopped, kissed her and bent again, dipping my fingers in her pussy and I started massaging her anus.
When she relaxed in let my finger in there, I squatted down and began to lick her.
To feel my finger in her ass when he does not move, she did not want to, and began to sway herself.

I got up and slapped her on the ass and began to fuck her in the ass with two fingers, and with my other hand I massaged and crushed her chest.
When she had finished, I felt her body tremble, she caught her breath and turned to me and kissed her sweetly, said that she had never had such an orgasm, winked and purred that it was my turn.
But at that time I was unlucky, her boyfriend called us out and we kissed goodbye and went to eat kebabs.
A few months passed, we gathered at my boyfriend Nastya at a party to discuss something about preparing her and Max’s wedding.
Friends pulled up and a small party came out.
With dancing and dancing, again I looked at her with my mouth open, and she, as it were, accidentally made my eyes.
After some time, all slowly began to disperse, in the end there were three of us left, I, Nastya and her fiance.
Having decided that it was time to sleep, I went to the shower, just undressed and got into the bath as my sister knocked.
Cute smiling came to me, and began to kiss me, lips, neck, chest, stomach.
I stopped her and said, take off your clothes and climb up to me.
The baby obeyed))) We started soaping each other, sliding our hands over the body, caressing our pussies and at that moment the door to the bath opened.
Max was probably shocked by what he saw, but did not lose his head.

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I unbuttoned my pants and pulled out an already excited member, brought it to me and I took it in my mouth, and Nastya was already full of me, and I think myself too.
Deciding that the bathroom is uncomfortable, we moved to the bed.
Who had a threesome those know about what happened there.
But then the two of them decided to please me.
This asshole told about the incident, and that I did not finish then.
They decided to make me a holiday !!! If Max fucked me, Nastya kissed me all the time, licked me.
If she wanted to lick me, then Max fucked her.
If Max fucked me in my ass, then Nastya licked my pussy.
We changed and spun until the morning.
I finished off so that I forgot about everything in the world.
Mmmm, how sweet to remember this.
In any case, everyone got an orgasm that night.
The next morning we behaved as if nothing had happened, and we never remember about it out loud, but sometimes I catch the lustful looks of my sister)))
– So you are my sister? Very interesting! – attentively Examining the slender figure of a forty-year-old woman, Sergey Dmitrievich exclaimed.
Embarrassed, stepping under his immodest glance at her breasts, blushing like a young girl, she clarified: “But not my own sister, but only a

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second cousin.”
– Sorry, me Tonya.
I am not too strong in the family hierarchy.
Explain to me what it means, second cousin? – You see, your grandmother had a sister who gave birth to my mother, and your own grandmother gave birth to your father.
My mom and your dad were cousins.
Then, my mother got married and gave birth to me, and your dad got married, after which you were born.
We are with you, children of cousins, brother and sister, which means that you and I are second cousins ??and brother.
“So our relationship can be considered rather distant?” – Well, of course.
In Tsarist Russia, a cousin and sister, it was even allowed to marry.
And so second cousins, especially.
– You, very intelligibly explained it to me.
And I, kill me, could not understand all these confused family relationships.
Now it became clear to me that we can even enter, sorry for being frank, in intimate intimacy.
Antonina Fedorovna, hotly flared.
He seemed to guess the course of her thoughts, and sounded them word for word.
– Well, why are you embarrassed, dear Tonya? – Approaching her, he asked ingratiatingly.
– After all, you also thought about it? Bongacam couple twix.

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