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Serezha stood with his friend beside him and smiled watching what was happening.
This friend of his immediately interested me, I had never seen him before.
It was a tight male of the eastern appearance.

Seeing me, Seryozha immediately exclaimed: “and here is my beloved fuck!”, Thus drawing the attention of this person to me.
He looked at me, in his eyes felt the strength and power.

“Come on, caress our guest!” Ordered Seryozha.
I obediently approached, knelt down and began to unzip his pants.
“Good girl, you are doing the right thing,” Serezha’s friend approved, saying this with a noticeable Caucasian accent.
“And what did I tell you, Zaur?” Said Serozha proudly.
As it turned out, Zaur was a friend and a longtime business partner of Sergey.
Yesterday he came to him and after all the work done, Sergey wanted to entertain his friend.
Having unbuttoned Zaur’s fly, I gasped, covering my mouth with my hand: I was waiting for an impressive thick trunk with a massive head, which I immediately grasped with my lips, trying to use all my skills.

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I wanted to please him.
With my left hand, I took Serezhi’s dick, trying to make it pleasant to him: after all, he brought me a new fucker, and I had to thank him.
As soon as I wanted to switch and caress lips and Seryozha, he pulled me away and said: – Wait a minute.
And what is your mouse does not participate in the general fun? Well, drag him here.
Slavik literally pulled us to us and made it clear to me that I sat down with my pussy in his mouth.
My clever girl immediately understood everything and immediately penetrated my tongue into the hole.
– That’s right, damn, prepare this whore for us.
Now we will fuck her! – Seryozh inflamed.
Sitting on Slavik’s face, I sucked Zaur and meekly looked into his eyes.
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