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Karina woke up exactly at 7:45.
– Oh no!!! she cried, jumping up in bed.
At 9:30, she had a plane to Orlando.

Karina was at a party with her friends the previous night, so she didn’t even pack.
– Calm down, Karina! she said to herself, frantically searching for a list of things to take with her.
She always made such a list before the trip.
Karina remembered hanging it on the fridge.
She took it, opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of mineral water.
Taking a big sip, she began to run around the rooms, collecting the necessary things.
She then showered, brushed her teeth, dressed, and looked through the list again.
It seems to have taken everything.
Going out of the house, Karina remembered to take something to eat.
She returned and took a pack of oatmeal, an apple and two bottles of water.
Now for sure.
Driving off the house, Karina turned on the radio to listen to the traffic situation.
It turned out that there was a car accident on the ring road and the traffic was difficult.
– Heck! How can I go now? – burst from her.
The fastest way to the airport was on the roundabout.
Going through the city for a very long time, and she will definitely be late.
The radio reported that the effects of the car crash were almost eliminated, and traffic would recover in about fifteen minutes.

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Karina decided that this was her only real chance to make it to the airport, so we had to go along the roundabout.
Leaving the ring road, she was horrified; it turned out the machines did not move at all.
Nervous, she drank the first bottle of water.
She listened to the messages on the radio, hoping to hear when the movement would resume.
Minutes quickly fled, and Karina did not move an inch.
“I guess I’ll be late, I had to buy a ticket for a later flight,” she sighed heavily.
The movement did not resume.
In a hurry, Karina did not go to the toilet before leaving, and now she began to feel that her bladder was gradually overfilling.
“So, it seems, I want to write,” she said out loud, while continuing to drink water.
The standing car quickly heated up, and the air conditioning in Karina’s car worked poorly.
Water was the only source of coolness.
Finally the cars started off.
Karina rejoiced.
She looked at her watch.
It was 9:05.
– Great, I have time! she shouted. Karina’s bladder desperately demanded relief.
With normal movement, she should have time to jump into the toilet.
She understood that she was unlikely to be able to take to flight.
The movement began to slow down a bit.
– rather! I have to catch this plane! – shouted Karina.
In fact, now she already wanted to catch not so much on the plane as in the toilet.
Karina remembered a case when she was stuck in a huge traffic jam lasting many hours and was described.
It was terrible.
Of course, she did not want to repeat it.
She was 22 years old.
too adult to write in the pants.
Finally, Karina arrived at the airport.
Her bladder was so inflated that she didn’t know what to do.
The poor girl was nervous, trying hard to endure.
She turned off the

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highway to the airport, and traffic slowed down again.
This meant only one thing – there were very few empty spaces in the parking lot. Celebrity sex tape full movie online.

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