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The rubric on the page was called “on the street” and there were girls undressing in nature and even right on the street and in public, nifiga myself! I was a little shocked, but the farther I climbed and the more I found information about the nudists and exhibitionists I realized that this is now very normal.
I looked at my naked body and nodded in agreement, and noted to myself that the main thing was to show something.
I myself, probably, had been exposed for a whole week at the first opportunity and looked at myself in front of the mirror, and also began to sleep naked – this is so cool and exciting! True, the mother prevented, damn, I had to sneak it all in so that she did not notice anything.

And now I was lying naked, and I constantly listened to the sounds behind the door, so that if the nurse gets up, she can throw at least a T-shirt.

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And then break in, see me naked and in any way there will be a scandal! Climbing the forums along the way, I also learned that it turns out that more and more girls are not wearing underwear.
Hm! And at the same time they wear a MINI – horror as it is interesting! I suddenly thought that I and the mini skirts were always embarrassed to wear, I wore them for the last time in the fifth grade at all! I reopened the pictures of girls showing naked pussies on the streets and began to present myself in their place.
The excitement intensified, the pussy became even wetter, wow, funny! After another minute of continuous caresses, I was ready to finish, but then there were noises and footsteps behind the door.
After breakfast, I sat down again at the computer.
Up to twelve o’clock I prolazila in nete and promasturbiroval, while not having finished more than once, I discovered that it is very cool to be in this state!

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I was so wildly over-excited that I even decided to take off my panties so that access to my pussy was free and so I sat on the sofa in one T-shirt that barely covered my excited charms until: Mom came in as usual without knocking and warning and saw me standing on my knees (I changed the position and caressed my pussy standing on my knees) before the beech, I barely managed to cover everything, my heart was pounding wildly from fear and excitement, just a moment ago I was so excited that I was ready to take off my T-shirt, I imagine that would be!
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