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I brought snacks to everyone, poured whiskey and all without exception pawed me on my chest, now on my ass, then on my pussy.
-Good bitch you have, someone said to the boss.
“Well, now let’s get to the pleasant,” said my boss.

And all moved to the rest room.
In the middle of the room there was a pole for striptease, leather sofas along the walls, a huge TV hung, a bar with drinks of which there was only nebilo.
One door led to the sauna, the other to a small pool and showers.
Men undressed.
“She’s at your disposal,” said my boss.
On TV, a Negro with a huge cock ripped up a fragile blonde’s ass.
In the middle of the room came the deputy and called me.
He put on his knees and put his cock in my mouth.
Everyone watched me suck.
-Lays eggs, quickly, work your tongue, he commanded.
Another man came up who tried to stick his finger in my vagina when I poured brandy on him.
-Now suck two.
I sucked.
The chief was sitting on the couch and jerking off.
The rest, too, were excited judging by their swollen members.
First, the one who came later finished in my mouth, and then he splashed his sperm on the chest directly on my chest.
Is your ass ready today? he asked -Yes.
Then they put me on a sofa between naked men and we all watched porn.
I poured and poured alcohol so that I finally lost control over time and for myself.
After another video plot about how women fuck in all holes, they put me on cancer and someone entered me in the ass while I sucked.
I was slapped on the ass and shouted approvingly.
I entered immediately two.
This was my first double penetration experience and I completely lost my head from sensations.
The chief then told me that I was moaning very loudly.
They changed, finished, then gaining strength again fucked me.

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I flew all over and finished again.
I remember the deputy asked me to show him my fucked holes.
Everyone looked, thrust their fingers in there.
I all smelled members, sperm and my own secretions.
So we had fun until the night.
Barely remembering myself, she went into the shower and fell asleep right there on the sofa.
I woke up in the morning under the care of someone covered with a blanket.
My head cracked from yesterday’s alcohol, my tongue and frayed holes ached.
In the mouth all the same there was a smack smack.
On the way home, the driver asked me and explicitly hinted at sex.
At home, stripping naked and standing in front of the mirror, I told myself, now you are a real fucking Marina.
So what? I’m not against.
We urgently need to put

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everything back neatly! With shaking hands, this is not exactly easy.
Ran to his place.
In her head ticking and ticking, yes, she just indulges herself alone! From such thoughts ticking in the groin.
How do you want to see her here with masturbation.
My member signaled to me – let’s defuse! What is it? He himself had just been amazed at the resigned female secret, and then he himself thought about the same thing! Yeah, it looks like you need to discharge while it is not.
I went to the toilet, stood in front of the toilet and started to masturbate.
He crumpled the eggs, bared the head, began to move his hand back and forth.
I remembered yesterday’s unbuttoned button, poured chest.
A jet of seed struck several times into the wall of the toilet bowl.
I jerked a few times from pleasure.
Wow, kind of feel better.
and with a satisfied face went to the workplace.
– Good morning! – I heard a familiar voice.
– Good morning, Arina Vladimirovna! – oops, she is already here! – How is your health? See, like nothing! – Yes, it seems recovered! – Yeah, just healed, I thought.
Everyone is sitting in his corner, what is she doing there? Maybe, again, porn looks, and I bother her? I hear her voice again: – Honestly the word has bothered to work like that! Everyday! No privacy! What do you think? – I agree! – That’s how all life goes.
Work, work! And then no one needs.
Strange, I thought, like she has a husband.
She probably just has no time.
And this is not surprising with such a rhythm of life.
I hear the following instruction: – Hold the Excel file reporting, check the totals on the bottom line! I receive mail, there is an attached file and a message: “I want to ask you to check the results.
“And the last three words are transferred to the next line. Chinese live sex chat.

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