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I imagined that we saw you for the first time after our virtual acquaintance, and I really liked you.
We walked the streets, and I looked at you and thought, but I wonder what he is like.
You said something pleasant and joked, trying to make the most positive impression.

we sat in some cozy cafe and I looked at you again and again and thought – damn! How good he is.
and it is not clear – what to expect! And you all said and said something to me about work, about your life and about friends and about your girlfriend, and I just thought about how, well, how painfully I want.
I watched you move, your eyes glitter, how your muscles play under your clothes and my thoughts were carried away from the streets along which we wandered and from the conversations we conducted.

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The matter is in the evening and we are pretty tired.
and began to rain.
By that time we reached the Alexander Garden.
You offer me to go somewhere and take shelter from the rain, I do not want, we begin to argue.
And there, in the garden, there is a fountain.
He is completely new and not that I like him, but he is there.
I can no longer think of anything else, except how much I want you.
The rain is intensifying and I clearly distinguish the contours of your body under your clothes.
A mad thought comes to my head and I drag you to the fountain.
YOU laugh, and I scoop water in handfuls and sprays fly in your direction.
I see how your eyes lit up and I feel that you want me and whether they see us without a difference, though of course they see us.
You still say something about the fact that it is insane and that you can go to where it is warm and there is no rain, but this does not happen to me, so I put your hand between your legs and groping for a member in full readiness – unbuttoning your jeans.

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Yes, what I see excites me even more and yes I see it for the first time, but I don’t have time to look at it and I begin a more detailed acquaintance.
I bring a face in it, lick the head, walk along the trunk with my tongue.
a convulsion runs through your body !.
I think it’s time to do something cardinal, otherwise you yourself do not seem to dare to begin.
But I am mistaken.
YOU tear up my dress on my chest – the buttons fly to the devil, lean on me with your back on the side of the fountain, get rid of the remnants of linen and enter me quickly and madly.
Couple sex live stream.

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