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I didn’t care how I was, I was very hungry, after 10 minutes I swallowed awkwardly and licked my bowl clean.
Then, after drinking water, I felt better, they took the bowls and left.
I got up on my feet, no longer hoping that I would get out of there and decided that I was alive, and thanks for that.

I did not know how much, I did not see the sun, only the light bulbs that illuminated the room.
trying to find a gap in the door, or a hole, never found it.
I got used to the anal plug, it did not bother me, I got used to the weight of the locks, and having adapted to walk with them, I became normal.
They did not whip me, did not hurt me.
they just fed me, they called me that whore, then whore, before bedding, in general, with all sorts of words.
After another time, when I woke up, I automatically got on all fours, all my stockings were in holes and stripes, I waited for them, it already began to seem commonplace to me, I was already docile, and I knew what to do, after some time they went and they said that I was learning quickly, but I needed to accelerate, since there are already a lot of orders for me.

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They brought me to the bed and fixed it in it, saying that these trainings will help me in the future.
I was standing on the floor, my hands were in shackles with my head, he took his chest in his hand, massaged it, and slapping it said that they paid for me for good reason, the goods were good, and both laughed, after which he put a weight on the ring one more, so he hung them very much, my nipple stretched and it hurt, then he repeated with the second breast, then came back and pulled out a sharp anal tail from the ass, slapped his hand, saying that look like jerking.
He slapped again and again, and indeed, my butt was like jelly, she shook with her hips, he ordered to spread her legs even wider, after which I realized that he would hang them everywhere, he asked if I liked it?

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I Dakal, he said, well, I like it, then I will like the rest, in fact, I did not care for a long time, I didn’t remember about the house, about the family, about relatives, I had no thoughts, although I had one, what would happen next? and then he took an anal plug from the table, introduced it to me, and started pumping up, then pulling it out, and repeating it every time, after which he told the second that I needed a tattoo, I was afraid that I would do something what they want and it will remain, but nowhere to go.
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