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The last item in the annual internship was Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, China.
The final stage promised to be the most interesting.
Georgy knew firsthand about the antiquity of the medicine there and was very excited about it.

The first month was allotted to Thailand.
Each “student” was allocated a local specialist, who was simultaneously the curator, mentor and subsequent examiner.
To George’s surprise, it turned out that a real Thai massage is, in essence, a passive gymnastics of yogis.
Massage must be done in clothes, while dressed, as the one who is given a massage, and the one who does the massage.
Puritan views nothing to do with, massage technique implies.
no slipping on the patient’s body.
After a week of practice, George could bend the limbs of patients in such a way that in principle there was no bones.
On the tenth day of the internship, curator Pai invited George to sit and drink some wine in the evening.
George happily agreed, and in the evening they met in one of the thousands of restaurants in Phuket, located on the shore.
– Dear Georg, you are making amazing progress. Free sex film watch online.

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