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They cursed you.
You know him, and I will even tell you his name — Nikolai.
Anka remembered how yesterday, Kolya unexpectedly drove up to her, between the couples at the institute.

And timidly offered to meet.
Kohl was a thin goth, and it did not get along with Anka’s ideas about a real man.

She laughed and arrogantly pulled him off and within an hour half the institute knew, in all details, about this ridiculous attempt.
Apparently Kohl is very hurt and he decided not to leave it just like that.
“Now, girl, you’re here forever and we will take care of you,” the Demon smirked.
“You know what to do, get away,” he ordered the devils.
And Ania was led out into the same door, through which she came here to the demon cave.
But there was no corridor behind it.
Behind the door there was a gigantic size, a brightly lit reddish cave in the shape of a funnel with a gigantic dip in the middle, a wide road went along the uneven walls of the cave, spiraling up and down as far as the eye could see.
And over the central failure were hung many rope ladders with platforms and suspended cages.

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From the very failure, both the heat of the volcano’s vents erupted, and rare sparks flew, rising higher.
Around there were a lot of people and various hellish creatures.
Most of the people sat in the cages hanging above the hole, were chained to the walls and crucified on crosses standing everywhere, but some walked freely.
Around were groans and pleas.
Anya was led down the road to one of the many doors in the wall.
Towards a few devils chased away a group of people chained, mercilessly beating them with lashes as they went.
“Move,” the devils dragged Anya so fast that she barely managed to move her unresponsive legs.
Going to the door, the devils opened it with a key and unceremoniously pushed Anya inside.
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