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Kohl immediately recognized the nurse Natasha.
Besides her, there were all three nurseries of the nursery and two of the eldest: Masha and Sveta.
Kolya was surprised to see that the nannies did not care whom to bathe.

Nursery nannies were engaged in boys from the older group and vice versa.
Of course, all the children, except Kolya, were naked.
Three stood in large basins, one on the floor in front of the pot, and finally, the last, desperately resisting.
boy, Natasha with difficulty kept on the changing table.
Noticing that the procedural nurse smears the baby cream between his legs, Kohl thought with resentment that he, too, would have to go through this procedure.
Why do you have it without pants? – Masha asked with a smile, looking at Kohl who entered the room. Hot sex movies online.

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