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Olga felt that her

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fate was being decided now, and, instantly scrolling through the options, remembering her parents and son, she replied with regret with her regret: Now I just can’t do it, circumstances.
Well, well, think, and now let’s eat, the plane to Ankara in three hours.
We all went to the airport together.

Passed through the VIP lounge and already near the registration desk of Demjanich, taking out a black, embossed with gold, business card with a dozen phones from a pocket, wrote some long number on the back.
Stretching out to Olga, with the pressure said: This one can be dialed from any phone, even from an automatic machine.
Change your mind, call.
Already when we drove back from the airport, the chef sat silently all the way, puffed up like a mouse on the rump, and handed her an envelope, said: Do not wear these rags for work.
All right, – the woman simply answered, – only you at work tell me that you sent me to the old place of work to beg for data on the land cadastre.
The chief stared at her in surprise and, apparently thinking of something, nodded silently.
They took the truth and right to the house, the driver was still trying to help deliver packages, but Olga refused.
She grabbed them and went home.
Chapter 3
Eastern cunning.

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Two weeks at work went smoothly, everyone settled down with reports, who passed – he passed, those who did not have time, and they didn’t really push them.
Although forget and do not forget.
Three times the chief called Olga to the apartment and tore her there with some kind of frenzy of a starving male, each time drinking no less than a bottle of vodka.
But, hand on heart, Olga even liked it.
The fourth time did not work, t.
they came monthly, and she was delighted, although she began to take pills after that very first time.
But anxiety lived in my soul anyway, and it was only after seeing the hello from the body that I finally calmed down.
And on Wednesday, the lover flew to Turkey for some approvals, and in the whole office the atmosphere of signing a multi-million contract hovered.
The whole delegation flew in on Friday.
Hour two Turks, in the amount of four pieces, wandered around the office in a herd, something rumbled in their own way and shamelessly shoving their noses wherever they went.
And only after lunch, in three cars, with an escort in the face of the entire leadership, they were combed to the construction sites and the garage.
According to the all-knowing Volodya.
And at half past four, a phone call rang in the department and Sergei picked up the phone with bulging eyes and gave it to Olga, with a stifled whisper, commenting: This is the general one – you.
And the whole department looked at the employee in amazement while she was on the phone.
And the chief in a peremptory voice ordered her to immediately go home, prepare herself, because at seven o’clock a car would come home after her and take her to the apartment for the whole night.
And hung up.
Well, what is it? – Sergey asked, eating her eyes.
The cadastral records are wrong there, ”she replied, taking her purse from the table and heading for the door.
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